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Apr 26, 2009 08:09 PM

Restaurant that serves crumpets in Austin?

I'm wondering if there are any restaurants or tea shops that serve fresh crumpets in Austin? Or anywhere around Austin?

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  1. You might try Friar Tucks in Round Rock. It's a nice little British grocery store/tea shop on main street. I've only been there once so I don't recall if they had crumpets or not. Here's their website:

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    1. re: ssouth

      Do you know if they do a high tea at Friar Tucks? I couldn't tell from the website.

      1. re: Helind

        i think they will do if you make a reservation for it.they have great pastries.

    2. Found them at Spec's the other week (Round Rock).

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      1. re: narodsobe

        Specs? I'm assuming those weren't made in-house, but were either frozen or on the bread aisle? If Specs is making fresh crumpets, I'll definitely go and check them out.