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Apr 26, 2009 08:03 PM

Walking distance Univ of Tenn Knoxville?

Hi Folks,

Two of our young kids are competing at univ of tenn at knoxvile towards the end of may. We are taking the bus with the kids (we are team coaches) and staying on campus so we won't have a car. My wife went two years ago and declared the food on campus terrible.

Any recommendations within walking distance of the campus? Love BBQ, fish, asian...basically everything chowish.


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  1. Sadly, Cumberland Ave. in Knoxville has been taken over by chains. You might try the Copper Cellar, Old College Inn and I believe there is still a Buddy BBQ on "The Strip". All are OK, but not great chowhound finds.

    1. you can walk to downtown Knoxville from campus. Just head East on Cumberland and then go south on Henley and then east on State and then South on Gay. There are several places on Gay Street and also on Market Square Mall, which is a small area of shops and a wide variety of restaurants, you can get many many types of food. Gourmet pizza and chocolate, salads, pastas, hamburgers. Oh, I just remember, there are trolleys that run from UT to Downtown Knoxville and I think they are free, or maybe no more than 50 cents. So look for the Trolleys and the drives can give you good advice. This is a safe area and riding the trolleys is safe so don't worry about being out with the kids. On Cumberland, I do like the Sunspot which has lots of vegetarian selections but also meat for the carnivores. On Market Square, there are asian choices. Mellow Mushroom is on Cumberland near UT. Lots of people like their pizza. Copper Cellar is a long time local favorite. Panera Bread is on Cumberland for lighter sandwiches, soups and baked goods. Also, you will see the shining gold ball of the Sunsphere- walk over and take the elevator up (free) and get a panoramic view of Knoxville.