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Apr 26, 2009 07:32 PM

Mexican "fruit salad" stands?

I'm wondering if these can be found anywhere in SF or Oakland...apparently they're quite popular in L.A., these stands where someone will hack up a big pile of (mostly tropical) fruits and put it in a plastic bag, seasoned with chili, lime juice, and salt.

Anyone know if we have them up here? Any "good" ones?

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  1. Walk down Mission St between 16th and 25th.

    1. I don't know of any that will hack them up to order, but along International between 34th and 38th there are carts with pre-cut fruit (and also veggies like cucumber and jicama) in baggies (usually just one kind per baggie, but sometimes a mixture). When you order it, they will squeeze in fresh lime juice and salt and chile. My favorites are watermelon and jicama.

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        i agree. lots of carts are on international ave. in fruitvale near the BART station.

      2. there is usually a very good and fresh cart at 35th and International. He has a myriad of fruit already portioned in bags - what sets him apart is the freshness of his fruit and he generosity with the chile, which makes me very happy. He had very nice mango the other day.