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Apr 26, 2009 07:08 PM

exhausted mom of three looking for a great restaurant for her first date night in a really long time

where's a nice place to go out for dinner these days? i'm located near poughkeepsie...i am willing to go as far north as red hook and as far south as yorktown heights. i don't get a chance to go much these days, so i would love to hear about some memorable meals you've had...tia!

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  1. I live near Peekskill so am not so familiar with "up north", but The Valley in Garrison is a really lovely restaurant. My husband and I went there last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very special; you will feel well-treated.

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      That is a great suggestion. Also, if you like Italian, Il Barolloto in Fishkill (not sure of spelling) has great no red sauce Italian. Although they don't take reservations so Valley is probably still a better bet.

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        I completely agree with that - had dinner there last fall with friends - truly fine food and a lovely atmosphere.

        I think the CIA might not be right for a date night - it does feel like a college campus to me. The one meal I've had there (in the American place) felt like chefs preparing to be chefs at large fancy hotels.

      2. asked. i'll just give a variery of good places relative to the area and places that you *can* get reservations at.

        il barilotto and aroma osteria are sister restaurants, both very good italian.
        the would in highland
        busy bee (no ambience), artist's palate (poughkeepsie)
        la puerta azul, mexican, millbrook/pleasant valley.
        36 main, locust tree (new paltz)
        serevan (amenia)
        c.i.a, of course.

        elephant wine bar (kingston) i've raved about, intimate though the east-village feel and vibe either is wonderful (for me) or i know would be an awful fit for others.

        blue hill @stone barns is supposed to be the best in your range, but reservations are hard and meals are long.

        btw, we had our "two" with a sitter when we went to twisted soul the other night. if you want to ask more than i've posted on here, my email is in my profile...

        1. made my reservations for the valley...thanks! bob, i'll definitely keep serevan and 36 main on my short list. i've been to the other restaurants you recommended...thanks for all the input!

          1. Artist's Palate is by far the best and most consistent in Poughkeepsie. Fine wine list too.