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Apr 26, 2009 06:45 PM

Monday through Wednesday deals

Hi everyone, I'm staying in Streeterville for three days, and am trying to show my friend some of the best places to eat, but also some of the best deals.

For Monday, I'm planning dinner at Cafe Des Architectes (Neighborhood deal), Tuesday lunch at Frontera grill, dinner at Les Sardine (Tuesday night 3-course special), lunch Wed. at Blackbird, and dinner Wed. night at Gibson's.

Am I missing anything else? Opinions on my choices?

One more thing - Marche has a Tues. deal going. Is it worth a visit?

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  1. Don't know about Marche's Tuesday deal, I know they have a 3-course $29 special on Monday and Wednesday. I think it's one of the better values to be had in town. I've never been disappointed.

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      The Tuesday dinner at La Sardine is a great deal. Really authentic French bistro. They have a wine deal too, but i forget which night. Prix fixe lunch at Blackbird is also good. Get the pork belly sandwich if you can.

    2. Your plan sounds excellent. It includes two of our very best deals, the dinners at Cafe des Architectes and at La Sardine, and the lunches are a good deal because, well, lunch is always a good deal!

      To answer your question about Marche, it's a good French bistro, but I wouldn't give up La Sardine for it; La Sardine is at least as good. I had their Tuesday deal a few months ago, and loved it. Order the chocolate souffle for dessert! Make a reservation, as they do get busy on Tuesdays.

      The one item in your agenda that seems inconsistent is Gibson's for the Wednesday dinner, just because it doesn't involve a deal in any way. Maybe you just wanted to show Gibson's, and its huge steaks and powerbroker atmosphere, to your friend? If so, that's fine! It's a good steakhouse, one of many in the Streeterville and River North area. Just make your reservation in advance, as Gibson's does get full, even during the week.

      If you're open to something else with a deal for Wednesday dinner, here are some suggestions. You can view a whole lot of dining deals for this Wednesday on the Metromix website at If you want to keep a steakhouse in your plans, one prominent steakhouse deal is the early dining special at Sullivan's ( ). Several of the other deals I noticed (and not confined to Wednesdays, BTW) for some of our better places that are a bit different from the meals you've already planned are the $20.99 three-course special at Red Light for pan-Asian food, the $40 four-course prix fixe at Fonda del Mar for creative provincial Mexican food, and the $48 three-course prix fixe at NoMI for high-end dining.


      1. You won't make the mistake of thinking you're at TRU, but Stanley's (Lincoln at Sedgewick and Addison) is a bar that has delicious hearty Southern-style food and on Monday evenings offers an all-you-can eat buffet of it for around $12. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, macaroni & cheese, and similar health food.....very tasty.

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          Lincoln intersects Sedgewick at Armitage (2000 north), not at Addison (3600 north) in case anyone wants to find Stanley's.

        2. Thanks, everyone. I think we have a plan! By the way, what about the deal at Nomi ($48 3 course tasting menu). Is that a good option?

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