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Apr 26, 2009 05:28 PM

OC Brunch on a Saturday (late Mothers'Day)

My parents (and sister) will be coming into Anaheim for the dental convention the week after Mothers' Day. We'd like to do a late celebration for Mothers' Day that Saturday. They're all staying near the Anaheim Convention Center, plus we need to include my in laws (in Laguna Niguel).

Any suggestions for a good place to all gather? Nothing too fancy or pricey, but something special enough for our mothers. We're thinking either a brunch or lunch, so suggestions for either are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: colls

      I think Saturday is the problem - most 'brunches' tend to be Sundays. Anyway. One of my favorite places is Nicks at Laguna Beach. They do a great breakfast/lunch on a Saturday and you can book on the patio. I think the calamari is maybe the best I've ever had. It's on PCH right by Main Beach. The great thing about the location is that you can wander around the galleries or by the beach before/after it makes for a nice occasion.

      Otherwise I love Marche Moderne at South Coast Plaza for lunch on a Saturday - again book to sit on the patio and you will feel a million miles away from a shopping mall, but with the added bonus that you can shop afterwards! They have a fixed price lunch that is excellent value.

      Hope that helps.

    2. In case it's any help to you, I recently did an inquiry on where to eat breakfast, with a preference for more creative options, and received the following recommendations in OC. I found the first two options particularly attractive after looking at the impressive menus on their websites. Unfortunately, since I needed an early option for my weekday breakfast, they didn't meet my needs, but they may be perfect for yours. And since they serve breakfast during the week, they probably also do so on Saturdays.


      Break of Dawn (Laguna Hills) -
      Plums Cafe (Costa Mesa) -
      Original Pancake House (Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Orange, Yorba Linda) -
      Ramos House Café (San Juan Capistrano) -
      Madison Square (Laguna Beach) -
      Mimi’s Cafe (Costa Mesa, Tustin) -
      Taco Mesa (Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Orange)
      Taco Rosa (Newport Beach, Tustin) -
      Coyote Grill (South Laguna) -

      1. Not sure if it's too late or not but I want to chime in that you must either go to Ramos House Cafe or Break of Dawn. Both are excellent choices! Ramos House is a bit more pricey I'd say (but you get a drink, 1st course, and entree all included in the weekend brunch price) And it's such a special place it's worth it. The Original Pancake House has good food but is not really a "brunchy" restaurant like the other two are. It's more of a straight up breakfast joint that is VERY loud inside.

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        1. re: junglekitte

          I like the food at Break of Dawn and the service is nice, BUT they seem to have a terrible problem that they cannot get the whole table's food out at once - even a table for 2 or 4. I have been there many times and it always happens. As long as you're not in a hurry, or don't mind eating in shifts, its a nice place to go.

          1. re: ausfrench

            I love the food at Break of Dawn, but the ambiance is so underwhelming, that I'd have a hard time recommending it for any type of celebration. Ramos House would be my choice.