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Apr 26, 2009 05:08 PM

The Freshest EGGS in Los Angeles ...

I love poached eggs and all the dishes made with them. In this recession I'm going to start poaching my own but the process requires FRESH eggs,


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  1. I have to say, i really like poached eggs and I find that Trader Joe's usually has pretty good eggs that are fairly cheap, In addition to that I find that most of the big farmer's markets have egg vendors at them.

    1. I'd like to add to SG's request.

      Does anybody know of an egg delivery service in L.A.? When I was a kid, I remember having milk delivered to our home (hey, I'm not THAT old!), but that only lasted a short while. But we had an "egg man" that delivered to several houses on our block for years. Then he retired.

      Those were, by far, the freshest eggs I've had in my life. From the ranch to your door in just hours. Any leads?

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        Wow Joe, me too. I remember our egg man - right after the milk man. A back East thing. Ancient history. Of course major markets will deliver. I think there's a minimum order. Otherwise, the local farmers markets are your best bet. Try a google search for your area for egg producers.

      2. Just went to Americana's Farmer Market (on Saturdays) and there was an egg vendor there.

        1. The guy at the Pasadena Saturday farmer's market is very cheap and I can't imagine they wouldn't be fresh. The ones at the Atwater FM are pretty good too.

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            And the Sunday Hollywood Farmers' Market has four or five different egg vendors.

          2. I echo a lot of the other posts here. Try your local farmers markets. Santa Monica (Wed/Sat Arizona Ave), Mar Vista (Sun Grand View) and Hollywood (Sun Ivar/Selma) all have them. I would imagine most do.