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Apr 26, 2009 04:36 PM

tri-ply cookware in Toronto

I am looking at adding some cuisinart multiclad or calphalon stainless steel tri-ply saucepans to my kitchen and have not been able to find either one in stores in Toronto. I have some Al-Clad pieces but I don't feel I want to spend quite as much on smaller saucepans. Can anyone tell me where I can find either of these lines in Toronto - or offer any other suggestions for fully clad stainless steel saucepans in Toronto? Thanks!

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    1. I love my cookware -- assorted pieces I've bought in the past few years at Nella on Queen East (also available at their Norfinch location). It's made by Cuisinox (their Elite line); it's an All-Clad look-alike; not cheap, but less expensive than All-Clad. It's 3-ply bottom and sides.

      If you want Calphalon, they have a store on Spadina. And Cuisinart (which I don't think is 3-ply) is probably available at The Bay and at Caynes.

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        I bought a cusinart multiclad set from Cayne's Superhousewares store probably 5 or 6 years ago and they still serve me well. It was the only place I could find it locally at the time. I'd recommend the series.

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          There is a Lagostina cookware set on sale at Costco for $160. The pans have the thickest aluminum wafer I have yet seen. They also have a 5 ply (SS, alum, copper,alum,SS) set at $250.

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            Cayne's does have a good selection of cookware and there prices are usually quite good.

        2. I just bought a Cuisinox 7.4 lt dutch oven for $157 at The Cook's Place, 501 Danforth Ave, (416) 461-5211. With the money I saved (vs buying All-Clad) I can now add the 2 qt saucepan to my collection for $84! There is currently a 20% off promotion. I was also happy that I can support a Canadian product since the Paderno pots I have aren't good for smooth surfaces, especially induction cooktops.
          Here's an article comparing the major brands:

          Good luck!

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            Good to know about the promotion. The most-used pan in my kitchen is my Cuisinox 5.3L saute pan, but I've been eyeing the 7L rondeau. Hmmm.

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              Interesting that there were no performance differences as tested. One might choose the lowest price and expect performance as good as All-Clad.

            2. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I have actually purchased the Calphalon tri-ply 12" everyday pan ( could have wished for a stainless steel lid instead of glass) because of its versatility and a 1.5 quart Cuisinart Multiclad saucepan - still looking at the other suggestions for a saute pan and saucier. Thanks again.