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Apr 26, 2009 04:03 PM

Lemon meringue pie ...

... in Brooklyn or lower Manhattan. The real deal, please. TIA

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  1. Lords bakery 2135 Nostrand off Flatbush does a great lmp one day a week...Tuesday I think. Call first.

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    1. re: StheJ

      That would have been great b/c Lord's is right nearby but I did just call and they don't sell them at all.

    2. This is very, very sad... I've been keeping Lords as my go to for lmp, now what will I do when the craving hits?

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      1. re: StheJ

        post on chowhound.

        Surely Lord's can't have been the only good source of lmp, so I hope that we get other recs.

      2. They always served a very good one at Bubby's (Brooklyn AND lower Manhattan!). And I think they sell whole pies to go, but at restaurant prices.