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Half-Price wine- Denver?

Do any of you Denver hounds know about places in Denver that do half-priced wine lists on certain days of the week? Most interested in Sunday but would be a nice list to have for Mon-Wed as well if they exist.

I know Brix in Cherry Creek used to before they closed- not sure if the Downtown location does.

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  1. I guess I've never heard of this beyond the usual select wines at happy hour...so many wine bars popping up these days (Tastes, Caveau, Sketch, Trios)...don't know? I know Caveau has good wine deals, but again it's during happy hour, and it might only be BTG...

    1. I often find some of the places that regularly offer half price wine during happy hour are a little overpriced when its not, so you end up paying normal when it is half price time.

      But, a couple places that I think do have really good half price deals are:

      Trios Enoteca: 1/2 price glasses Tuesday - Saturday 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (and great cheap pizza too!)

      Satchels: 1/2 price bottles on wed. Comfy little neighborhood place with a really reasonable small wine list that is about the best deal around when 1/2 price I think, and great food, http://www.satchelsmarket.com

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        Once again, never heard of it! You're always giving interesting heads-up...one thing, though: how can we trust that it's great when its slogan is "Where hip folks collide"? Ewww....

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          haha, ya, the place is a bit quirky. Has been a neighborhood place for years with coffee, brunch, and occasional special dinners. They recently got their liquor license and have expanded to dinner. It is just a tiny little spot, but is very friendly and fun for just wine (or beer) and a couple small plates with a group, or dinner. Or stop in for weekend brunch.

          It is kind of hidden in the center of North Park Hill so that keeps it kind of unknown outside the neighborhood. I would love to hear other opinions. I love the place...but then I can walk there and seem to always run into people I know, so that always gives a bias. Right around the corner from Joseph's Southern Food.

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            Cool. I trust ya. Will check it out!

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          Yes, I like Trios Enoteca too - also, they do wine tastings all of the time.....love it.

          Trios Enoteca
          1730 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202

        3. It's not Sunday or even Monday, but Solera (www.solerarestaurant.com) offers half-price bottles of wine on Thursdays. Good on first bottle -- under $80.

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            Tuesday: Vita
            Thursday: Highland Pacific
            Tuesday/Wednesday: Mojitos - free bottle with 2 entrees
            Monday: 9th Door
            to name a few

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                Yeah, that's sweet, where you been all our lives? Plus you're also on the Boston board? Hmmm....

                "To name a few"...so name a few more.

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                  Ha ha - thanks tatamagouche...yeah, I am probably on the Chicago board somewhere too. I have moved a bit.

                  I know that Trios was mentioned for their happy hour but they do half price bottles on Saturdays.
                  Solera: Thursday (plus wine tastings on Wednesday and Mussel night on Tuesday)

            1. Quick Note:

              The Oven is now offering half priced wine on Mondays in both locations (as long as you get one of their tasty pizzas).

              1. In Lafayette, Magnolia Steak & Seafood (my favorite sushi restaurant in Colorado) does Wino Wednesday, where every bottle of wine is half price.

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                  Magnolia for fave sushi in CO? Better than Sushi Sasa in Denver or Matsuhisa in Aspen?

                  I went several years ago under their original ownership for a non-sushi tasting menu and did not want to return. What dishes do they do well now other than sushi?

                2. I think L'Atelier in Boulder does half priced wine bottles one night a week, maybe Tuesday?

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                    As of last June, five Denver/Boulder restaurants had half-priced bottle specials (http://www.milehighonthecheap.com/200...). In October, so did Alba (http://www.milehighonthecheap.com/200...) and 4580 Restaurant (http://www.milehighonthecheap.com/200...), both also in Boulder and both on Monday nights. You'd have to check these restaurants' websites or phone to find out if the deals are still on.

                  2. Monday AND Thursday at the Cork House, roughly Colfax and Elm, the old Tante Louise....IIRC 1/2 off any bottle on their list, and it's a LONG list.

                    1. Cork House does half price wine and they have a lovely app selection - yummy cheese plate and in the summer, love it on their patio.