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Apr 26, 2009 03:06 PM

Casual, low-priced, great food near Sheraton?


A female friend will be solo for a couple of days this week, staying at the Sheraton.

Any recommendations for casual, moderately-priced eateries near the hotel?
(esp. places with local flavor... esp. where dining solo is no issue?)


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  1. assuming you mean the Sheraton on Canal St.

    in the Fr. Qtr.
    Muriel's, Mr. B's and Bacco do lunch specials and would be comfortable for a solo diner.
    for cheap eats, try Mena's Palace, Coop's Place, Country Flame, Felipe's, Fiorella's, Jazz Taco, Central Grocery, Italian Barrel, Johnny's Po-Boys

    in the CBD
    Rambla, The Store, Luke, second floor food court at 201 St. Charles Ave., Mike Serio's Deli

    1. Stanley's for breakfast or lunch, right on the corner of Jackson Square; EAT on Dumaine (I haven't been, but friends like it); WINO in the Warehouse district if she wants wine and snacks; if she's willing to explore a bit, I'd highly recommend Mimi's in the Marigny - the best value tapas I've had anyplace outside of Spain (in terms of taste to cost ratio - extremely delicious:pretty durn reasonable).