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Apr 26, 2009 01:52 PM

Steamed Pork Buns?

Are there any places in Brooklyn or Queens that have SPB's like the ones at Momofuko?

I've just discovered them and am obsessed. Board search turned up little, plus I am confused by Soup Dumpling vs. Steam Bun.


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  1. momofuko's are unique - you might as well get those if you are obsessed
    : )
    soup dumplings are a completely different animal than what you had in the east village - soup dumplings are a little purse of a dumpling with a rich hot porky broth inside - you bite off a little dough and slurp out the broth.

    There's also lots of roasted pork buns around Chinatown and various places in the city, tasty and cheap. Also totally different from what you had.

    Zuzu's Ramen is serving something similar, in terms of steamed bread with pork inside, but again, not the same.

    1. check your post in manhattan responded it there, i listed the two places in queens that serve the dish you want...will be slightly different than momofuku's at the traditional condiments for gua bao are chopped up peanuts, chopped up cilantro and this sweet brown powder / sugar stuff

      one day if u ever make it to taiwan, u must try the real deal...the real good places let you choose the fattiness of the pork belly...awesome

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      1. re: Lau

        mmm.... choosing the fattiness sounds like pig heaven. Heading to manhattan board now.


        1. re: plumtart

          oh forgot, the other main condiment is suan cai (pickled vegetables)...thats actually my favorite of the condiments

          1. re: Lau

            almost any place that sells baked roast port buns also sells
            steamed - cantonese they are 'jing char su bow'
            any place that has dim sum and most chinese bakeries make them too.

            In Brooklyn - 8th Ave, 86St in Bensonhurst, Ave U in Sheepshead Bay
            all have lots of stores where you can get them.

            1. re: mike in brooklyn

              OP isn't talking about cha siu bao, they are actually talking about gua bao (no cantonese bakery serves them b/c its a taiwanese street food); a gua bao is basically what momofuku serves (although apparently david chang was inspired by the cantonese style peking duck served with mantou)

              the term "steamed pork bun" is misleading

              1. re: Lau

                Should be called a steamed pork belly bun or just a plain old Taiwanese hamburger.

      2. I mean, Momofuko's are tasty and all, but if you've ever had a really good guo bao (aka Taiwanese burger), Momofuko's are just good. Unique, they are not! Just hard to find in these parts... Some joints in Flushing, like the Roosevelt Food court and I think the Flushing Mall, have them...

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        1. re: ckl

          Roosevelt Food court is now closed

          1. re: ckl

            Momofuku's (not Momofuko it's Momofuku with a U at the end) buns are not really gua bao. Momofuku's have hoisin, cucumber, scallions...basically Cantonese peking duck with pork instead of duck. Gua bao have peanuts and cilantro and pickled greens. To me these are pretty different flavor profiles.

            1. re: kathryn

              yeah i agree with you, but i think it reminds me more of a gua bao than cantonese style peking duck buns

              also their hoisin sauce is saltier than more hoisin sauces, so it doesn't have that sweetness that i associate with cantonese peking duck buns

              i guess its sort of a bastard creation although in a good way

          2. The original comment has been removed