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Apr 26, 2009 01:48 PM

HELP! Mother's Day Brunch + Activity LA or OC

So im taking my mom out to brunch followed by a fun activity next weekend in order to avoid the Mother's Day crowds and i need some ideas. Last year i took her to Campinlie followed by LACMA which was perfect since they are so near each other. Basically i dont want to be driving all over town. Any good brunch places near the Getty/Skirball/Hunting Library area? Any brunch/activity ideas anywhere in LA or OC are welcomed. She is not a picky eater and she is an artsy and outdoorsy type.

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  1. Here's where I would go w/my mom: followed by a stroll at Descanso Gardens. I've eaten at Bashan many times when Nadav first opened. Never was dissapointed. Check out the M.D. menu. Also, like the arboretum: You can choose the plethura that S.G.V. has to offer, Babita or some place in Pasadena like Firefly Bistro (S. Pas) or in San Marino at Julienne Enjoy!

    1. Have you looked into the Getty and the Restaurant at the Getty? I don't know if the restaurant at the museum does a brunch - you can call but it's supposed to be fab, as you can see on many other threads here. If my mom or mom-in-law were here, that would be my choice.

      Or, you can do the Getty Villa, on PCH in Malibu, and take her to brunch at Geoffrey's or even one of the hotels on Ocean in SM (just a few miles south) for a nice brunch on a Sunday.

      So smart of you to do it next weekend instead of subjecting her to the usual madness of the actual Mother's Day.

      1. My husband and I did the Easter brunch at the Long Beach art museum a couple of years ago and thought it was a lot of fun. I

        1. Thank you for the suggestions. I have always wanted to try Babita but i dont think they offer brunch.
          Bashan looks like but again I dont think they serve brunch, only lunch.
          I have seen mixed reviews about Firefly Bistro but that may be a good option.
          I just saw that the Getty does serve brunch which I never knew.. hmmmm..
          She went to the Getty Villa recently so that is not an option. i need to looks in the Long Beach Museum of Art.

          Thanks for all the help! I will let you know what I choose.