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Wine/Cheese Shop Near Quarter

Any suggestions for a wine and/or cheese shop near the French Quarter? I know of St. James, but am hoping to find someplace in the Quarter or CBD.

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  1. I'm not sure if W.I.N.O. has cheese, but they have wine and is in the CBD. www.winoschool.com

    1. Bacchanal is a short cab ride away. Check out who's cooking also.

      Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits
      600 Poland Ave, New Orleans, LA

      1. WINO does have cheese, as well as a small plates menu (hummus, charcuterie, etc.). If you're willing to take a streetcar ride, the Delachaise (in the Garden District on St. Charles, so right on the streetcar line) has a decent wine selection and a fabulous cheese plate.

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            There's French Quarter Liquors on Chartres next to K-Paul's. A&P has wine and cheese, sometimes quite interesting cheeses (can't say the same about the wine though).

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              A&P is now Rouse's (on Royal St.)
              FQL is actually Vieux Carre Wine & Spirits

            1. you could also go to Central Grocery and Sidney's Wine Cellar on Decatur.

              1. There is an incredible cheese board and an all Italian wine list at The Italian Barrel, on Barracks at the Fench Market

                1. You could alwas take the ferry over to Algiers and go the Vine & Dine - just down the steps from the ferry. They keep foreigh & domestic wines,unusual beers, good cheeses plus sandwiches, ice cream and take-out entrees.


                  1. Am just now seeing your request so this may be a bit late but Swirl (down Esplanade - going towards NOMA) on Ponce de Leon has wonderful cheese and very decently priced wines.

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                      Swirl gets their cheese from St. James - unless it's way out of your way, you're better off going to the source.

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                          the Wine Seller is next door. but, I do think St. James has their liquor license now.