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Apr 26, 2009 01:14 PM

Charleston, Sc - staying at Best Western

we're staying at BW near MUSC for a conference and I know that's a long hike or a drive from most restaurants but are there any in the immediate area? Should we just drive to the King St/Market St area? We need lunch and dinner recommendations for a Friday, Sat and Sunday

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  1. I looked at a map and think I have the right Best Western, so hopefully, these recs will help...anyway, if I looked right, Hominy Grill, Lana, and Fuel all might be within walking range. That gives you some names to plug into a map, anyway!

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    1. re: BetsyinKY

      Yes, those restaurants are all within walking distance of MUSC.

    2. Are you staying at the BW on King Street or on Bee Street? If you're near MUSC, I'm betting you're on Bee Street, and that will require driving to any of the downtown restaurants...

      1. I would definitely recommend Trattoria Lucca for an unforgettable, family-style Italian meal (supper)...short walk from MUSC toward hwy 17-N (the crosstown).