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Apr 26, 2009 12:39 PM

Good places for a bite after 10:30 pm in Edmonton

I would like recommendations for good places to get a bite after the movies or theater ( i.e. after 10:30 pm) which are in or near the downtown core and/or Whyte ave.

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  1. I like Suede lounge, they have good tapas and flat breads and decent mains, their burgers are really good.

    i wonder what time Famosa is open until?

    1. +1 for Cleopatra's recco of Suede. Good tapas, fun vibe, can be a bit busy on weekend evenings.
      Also, Cafe Select downtown (southside now closed) is a favourite late-night spot for us - open until 2am I believe. Their salads are really good, and the menu fairly diverse.
      Also, on the southside is Packrat Louie's - we ate there after the opera on Saturday night and it was very good. Good pizza, good wine selection.

      1. Near downtown - any of the Vietnmese and many of the Chinese places just north of downtown are likely to be open very late into the night. My recent fav is the place above Garden Bakery (10019 106 Avenue). Hole in wall, only accepts cash and makes great food. Discovered one night after the Citadel. Love the dishes with really broad noodles, particularly the beef and fried onion. Wok King next door is also good, especially for seafood.

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        1. The kitchen at Karma, a new Indian restaurant, is open until midnight. It is in the old La Tapa location at 105st and 99ave. I enjoyed it when I went. It is similar to Khazana or New Asian Village for polish, but I like it more than either of those for food. Their presentation is nicer, and I like their tandoori a little more. The service was very smooth, and they serve Cobra beer, a favourite import of mine that is hard to find.