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Swine Flu & Pork?

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I hope this is the correct forum for my question since it's tied to the news. I understand swine flu is being passed from human to human, but is there any danger in eating pork? (I am asking as a parent of small children.) Or is it not contracted by consumption also? Any good information sites that you can point out?

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  1. I saw in the news that eating pork is not a problem, but there is a slight risk in handling raw pork.

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      as Sal said, according to the CDC, you CANNOT contract swine flu from eating pork...


    2. Nope! I wrote a post about this on my blog actually. It is still safe to eat pork products as long as they have been cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy!

      1. Do you get chicken pox from eating chicken? No.

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          Original poster asked a valid question. Eating infected poultry, for instance, is thought to have contributed to the spread of bird flu.
          http://www.fao.org/avianflu/en/wildli... -discusses spread among cats

          CDC says as regards swine flu or H1N1 as it may be called increasingly often now, eating properly-cooked pork products is safe:

        2. Your question is like a canary in a coal mine for the pork market. Lots of people have the same concerns.
          Pork futures fell dramatically this week as did all the associated commodities like corn and soy on expectations that consumers would worry just as you are.
          There were Senate hearings and every single Senator from every State that has a pork industry showed up to ask that the government stress that there was no danger from eating pork. They begged that another name could be found for the virus.
          Words have meaning and calling this "swine flu" leads people to think that pork may be a danger.
          Even the Israelis have changed the name to "Mexican flu" but that was because of religious prohibitions.

          As far as the CDC and WHO have been able to determine, there is no danger at all from eating properly cooked pork.
          I was soooo relieved because hardly a day goes by when I don't eat pork in some way even if it's only to use bacon drippings as a cooking fat.

          Fortunately, as part of the bioterrorism efforts of the Bush Administration, an excellent system was put in place to respond quickly and effectively to threats such as this. In his press conference on Wednesday, Obama commented that the system has proven to be invaluable in responding to this emergency. We should be fine.
          The CDC and DHS sites will be updated regularly but if there is any change, that information will be quickly conveyed to the public.
          Listen to the official government sites, not the chatter and you'll be OK.