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Apr 26, 2009 11:21 AM

Sunday in Putney

Can anyone suggest a restaurant or decent pub that is open on Sunday evenings in Putney, Fulham or (at a pinch) Chelsea?

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  1. Assume you mean for food? How about the Harwwod Arms (close to Fulham Broadway tube). Really good English food. poosibly the best pub food in London.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Harwood Arms is really big on game and venison. Its a very nice pub
      also nearby (near West Brompton tube) is the Atlas, which also does great Italian inspired Gastop pub food. A bit more 'accessible' than the Harwood, but excellent quality.

      1. re: foreignmuck

        There's La Mancha on Putney high street. It's Spanish.

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          It is very good for game, but the main game seasons are now over so far less on the menu at this time of year. Their web site has menu's:

      2. not sure if enoteca turi is open on sunday nights, but that is an excellent modern italian tratt with a great wine list.

        the atlas is good as is the harwood (they are about 200 yards apart incidentally)

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        1. re: batfink23

          You could consider the Prince of Wales on The Upper Richmond Road

          It is the sister place to The Bull & Last in Highgate, one of my favourites in town.

          Not tried POW yet, but plan to soon


          1. re: Simon Majumdar

            Thanks all. Enoteca is closed Sundays. The Prince of Wales, where I had an excellent dinner recently, has a quiz night on Sundays and the owner described it as very noisy, which will not suit our purpose.

            1. re: Simon Majumdar

              Simon, you're an expert on British food, any idea what "Wallies" are as featured on the PoW's bar snacks menu?

              Of no use to the OP but I endorse The Bull & Last, it's a great addition to that neighbourhood and a very handy 25 minute brisk walk across the Heath from where I live. Not Highgate though - that's estate agent speak - it is of course the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area :-)

              I'm loving mixing and matching items off the various menus at places like the B&L and Harwood Arms. And the game tea with venison sausage roll at the latter is one of the best things I've eaten so far in 2009.

              1. re: oonth

                (Sorry to hijack, but wallies / wallys are pickled gherkins as far as I'm aware).

          2. Spencer Arms on Lower Richmond Road in West Putney has good food and is very comfortable and light inside.They also take bookings which will help on a Sunday.


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              Thanks for all the suggestions, but I think I have answered my own question. Isola del Sole in Putney is open on Sundays and will be just right: quiet, good Italian (Sardinian) food, medium priced and easy to walk to from Fulham.