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Apr 26, 2009 11:18 AM

rib sauce from Montanas?

Hi all,
I made ribs (oven baked) for the first time and they came out pretty darn good. Now that I am addicted to ribs, I am searching for a recipe for barbecue ribs. I love Montana ribs and heard you can buy their sauce. Does anyone know? In particular, I really like the honey garlic stuff.

Also, do you have a good barbecue rib sauce recipe to share?

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  1. hello, um like you i LOVE the honey garlic sauce from montanas :) , but i havent heard of them selling it in store, have u heard anything yet? , anyway i do have a sauce that i like using and i dont know if u'll like it or not but i mix ketchup and brown sugar in a bowl and put it on my ribs, its good for me :) , hope u enjoy!