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Apr 26, 2009 10:55 AM

Coconut syrup?

Hi, all. I need to send some coconut syrup (for pancakes, etc) to a friend in Colorado who likes to have it when he comes to visit friends on the windward side and now craves it at home. However, it's not really my thing and I have no idea what brands are good, whether I can get good stuff at Safeway/Star Market/Foodland or if I need to head to a natural foods store, Whole Foods, a specific restaurant, or order online. What are your favorites and where can I pick them up to ship tomorrow? Thanks!

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  1. sorry slowfood, guess none of us know much about coconut syrup. if you find out anything, please share the info.

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    1. re: KaimukiMan

      I was at the Kaneohe Long's sampling the coffees and cookies that the "coffee lady" puts out
      everyday - it's a real scene/happening place everyday. Anyway there were coconut syrups in
      the aisle as it's the mac nut candy aisle as well and one older lady was going on and on about
      how great the Hawaiian Sun brand coconut syrup is. I don't eat that sort of thing but she seemed
      pretty definite about it's merits.

      1. re: manomin

        ABC store website shows 2 different brands of coconut syrup, one being the Hawaiian Sun.

    2. slowfoodgrrl: You can find coconut syrup and other Hawaiian snacks and gifts at Pat's Island Delights, located at 841 Bishop St. Suite 155, (808) 536-1414, Downtown Honolulu, in what was originally called the Davies building. The store is on the Queen St. side of the building, parking entrance is on Alakea St. Don't know if they validate parking:

      1. Get Coco Lopez brand which should suit his needs.