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Apr 26, 2009 09:32 AM

La Tavernetta

A must try for all. Forget the comments about the prices being raised from the previous location. The qulaity of the food is far above the prices charged. Four people, drinks, appetizers, entree, coffee, dessert around $150.00 for all four w.o. tip; but that is not the real story.

First off you will feel as though you are not in a restaurant, but at a dinner party inside someone's dining room. The owner is attentive, accomodating, and friendly, and so is the staff. You WILL feel like a guest. The pastas are all hand made, and are a MUST. If you don't order pasta as a main course, do a split in lieu of an appetizer. The appetizers are good........... but oh the pasta, not to be missed. I had angel hair in butter sauce with shrimp. Butter sauce that is NOT heavy, greasy, or overdone with succulent Queens? It was delicious, a winner. All in my party raved over the various pasta dishes ordered. Salads are fresh and freshly prepared, as are all items on the menu. Main courses pose many options, remarkable for such a cozy place. I had cornish hen, which had a very nice presentation. Sometimes I've ordered cornish hen in other places and I've wondered whether it really was cornish hen or a NY pigeon. NOT here, succulent, meaty. flavorful, done just right. Roast potatoes were great (how can roast potatoes be great??).

This place is a gem in Queens. The digs are tight and not fancy.............. just friendly, professional, top shelf. I am used to paying $15 to $30 a head more for food of this quality (IF you can find it in Queens).................... For a superior night out where you get to shake the owners hand at the end of the night, this is it!!

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  1. we've been a fan of La Tavernetta since before their move to their current space on Metropolitan Avenue. As described the housemade pasta dishes are great
    but our new favorite takeout (pickup only) are their eggplant parmesan sandwiches. For $12 after the takeout discount (all food is discounted 20% for takeout) and including tax we get two huge eggplant parm sandwiches which are rockin! So delicious with thin tender slices of eggplant and excellent sauce. The bread is vin ordinaire but the filling makes up for it.
    and agreed that the owner is a sweetheart and a consumate restauranteur.

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    1. re: tigerwoman

      Sounds great. Can someone post a take-out menu?

      1. re: chowaholic

        No longer same owner. Food still good but turnover troubling.

          1. re: janie

            More than 3 weeks ago. That's when I had questioned whether to go to La Tavernetta or La Vigna (I was given that choice; I would have chosen "none of the above"). Wound up at La Tavernetta. I had been to their Glendale location twice and thought it was pretty good. My mother was there often. This was the first time either of us had been to the new Forest Hills location. My mother commented that she didn't recognize any of the staff. I had read here that the waitresses wear some odd outfit. Everyone was wearing white shirts with black slacks.

            A limited menu and no daily specials (on a Friday night). The food was ordinary and overpriced for what we got. Service was very slow. And what's with the stinginess with the bread? When a group of 7 asks for more bread, you'd think they could bring more than 4 slices.

            None of us will be returning.

            La Tavernetta Europa
            100-05 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

            La Vigna
            100-11 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

              1. re: Don Fasule

                I had been a regular customer for four years (esp. at their old spot on 88th Street).
                I wasn't sure if Michael sold the place, or was merely spending more time at his new pizza place in Bayside. I guess we found out that a new sheriff was in town when they explained that they didn't know how to make the Chicken Cordon Bleu anymore.
                Ordered the fettucine carbonara today (an old special), and was disappointed by the fact that (a) they didn't make it correctly,and (b) they have significantly reduced the portions.
                It was a great takeout spot not too long ago- unfortunately it lost a lot of what made it special.

                1. re: dbosullivan

                  Sad to hear that Tavernetta has declined. What is Michael's new pizza place and where in Bayside is it?

                  1. re: IWantFood

                    Michael's new place link below. Plan on visiting.

                    La Tavernetta Europa
                    100-05 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

                    1. re: inthehills2

                      found link for their website--glad to see that shallot vinagrette still exists--however, no hero sandwiches? That was the best thing they made--prices are still too high--for alacarte--he's better off with entree's not going over $12 and he's pack them in every night--pizza's are priced too high as well---they are not that large---atmosphere looks pleasant though--