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Apr 26, 2009 09:31 AM

Vegetarian entree ideas for formal wedding

I am getting married this fall and am working with my caterer to plan a formal sit down meal for 130 people. My fiance and I are vegetarians. We will be having vegetarian and fish mains. We are having a hard time coming up with a GREAT vegetarian main. Our caterer, while extremely creative when it came to the apps, the salad and the fish, has not suggested anything for the vegetarian option that makes me very excited. However, the caterer is one of the best in the city where I am getting married, and I am confident that they can execute almost anything (that can be made in quantity, etc).

Just wondering if anyone has any great ideas... So far, I have just been collecting ideas from my favorite vegetarian restaurants (Greens in San Francisco, Candle 79 in NYC). We do not want to serve a pasta dish. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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  1. Have you been to 101 cookbooks? It is a healthy veg site and the recipes are very good.

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      "Lasagna" made with sliced eggplant rather than pasta.

      Wild mushroom, asparagus, and/or onion polenta.

      Oshizushi, or pressed sushi, can be made in advance and kept room temperature depending on the ingredients. It can be beautiful and a nice plate sauce really sets it off. It can be sliced any way that is chosen to give it more of an entree appearance.

    2. When and where are you having the wedding? I think with more creative (e.g. non-pasta) dishes you have to consider what is going to be in season and relatively local at the time of the wedding since you could end up with something bland and flavorless otherwise. I'd also recommend staying away from tofu since I know a lot of people who don't really care for it and/or need to avoid soy products.

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        Thanks for the replies so far. The wedding is in September in DC. We are trying to keep everything local and in season, so thanks for bring up that point. I know some people do not like tofu, but I am wondering if it would be ok to serve it within a dish (as opposed to the centerpiece).

      2. Hi,

        I'll offer a suggestion for mushroom and farro pie (individual small ones). You can find a recipe on My wife and I made it for Thanksgiving last year and it was awesome, not to mention filling and elegant.

        I dig what you're doing...

        Good luck,

        1. I would have to say, to be on the safe side, do not use tofu or any soy based product at all. Two years ago, my cousin had a vegetarian wedding, and for reasons that are still unclear to me, there was some major backlash from some of the more conservative attendees of the wedding. One of the problems they cited was "weird ingredients", despite the fact that there were none. The mere existence of tofu might have put them over the edge.

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            I'd have to agree, especially since the other choice is fish and there are so many non-seafood people out there. It should probably be something fairly mainstream that people who don't like fish will enjoy.

          2. Eggplant rollatini with broccolirabe (spelling??)

            Spaghetti squash in a roasted portabello

            A vegetable rissoto

            Asparagus and fontina crepes...or some other crepe

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                Risotto is a poor choice for a catered event, where servings will not be finished individually at the last moment.