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Apr 26, 2009 09:25 AM

DU area cheap eats

I am looking for a cheaper meal in the DU area. I would say below $30 for 2 people without alcohol. Jerusalem has been our standard and love it but would like to branch out a bit, maybe. Have also been too Good Times (I believe that is what it is called). Any cuisine, but since we are coming down from the mountains would like to hit the more ethnic side. Any suggestions?

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  1. Well, it depends on how many dishes you're talking about...but if you mean 2 main courses and that's it, you should try India's Pearl on Old South Pearl about 5 min. away. Really a surpriseā€”a huge menu with dishes you don't see often, very carefully prepared, an interesting wine list. Links to its website and a couple of blogposts I've done about it below. I know people like Damascus a little further east on S. Colorado, and I'm a fan of Jaya Asian Grill just past I-25 on S. Colo., which has some Malaysian/Indonesian goodies. 7-8 min. from DU, I'd say.

    Just curious, though...If you're coming all that way anyway, why stick to the DU area?

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      Seeing a concert at Magness Arena, just want to stay close.

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        Ah. In that case, my answer stands...there is a new place called Aroma, Middle Eastern/Indian IIRC, on University that seems cute if pretty basic in terms of what they serve. But me, I'd go for Jaya or India's Pearl.