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Apr 26, 2009 09:05 AM

Milk [HOU]

Does anyone know where in Houston I can buy milk in reusable/returnable glass bottles? You know, like the ones the milkman used to deliver? My daughter lives in Minneapolis where there are several grocery co-ops and has no problem finding it there. We recycle everything and have gone from buying milk in cartons (not recyclable) to plastic bottles, but I would love to be able to get it in glass. They sell goat's milk at the farmers' market, but I am looking for cow's milk. Thanks!

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  1. Multiple locations in the Houston market carry Promiseland milk sold in the returnable glass bottle. They are hormone free, not terribly expensive, and even come in kid friendly flavours. Most markets will carry this product, but I know for a fact that the Houston Whole Foods locations do indeed have Promiseland milk.

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      As far as I know they are not returnable, but that chocolate milk is sinful.

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        I don't care for their fat-free milk, but the 2% is good.

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          I have seen Promised Land milk in glass bottles, but didn't realize that they are returnable...thanks!

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            I really don't think they are returnable. Reusable, but not returnable. I would think that if you went to local farmers markets or called and ask, they might help. Of you could just google bottled milk, houston tx and see what comes up.

        2. Like so many good things that eventually go the way of the devil, so has the Promised Land.

          I don't recall the exact details but you can google it if you're really interested. Indeed Promised Land products did come in returnable bottles. You paid an extra buck for the bottle, and you got your buck back from the store when you returned it.

          But unfortunately, a short while back, they "changed leadership." And the new "leadership" immediately did away with the returnable bottles.

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            Glad someone knew the story about that. I do buy that brand, but there was a time that I didn't because it was so expensive. That must have been when the bottles were returnable.