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Apr 26, 2009 08:29 AM

Couples Babyshower Ideas

I'm cooking for a couples babyshower for 30 in the evening. What are some suggestions and recipes you have?

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  1. Is this going to be after dinner, or is it going to be dinner? Also are there going to be other children present? I would probably serve a bunch of different appetizers that could pass for dinner snacks, staying away from the typical baby shower type things like sandwiches and cookies. Also, is the crowd a bunch of chow type people or not?

    1. A heavy app that appeals to both sexes is this sausage-stuffed mushroom recipe:

      Easy to make ahead, and they hold well in a warm oven for forever. Very forgiving, and hugely popular (at least in the circles I swim in!) And it's not too much more work to make a ton of them than to make just a few.

      This Sparkling Citrusade just came to mind:
      Haven't made it yet, but as a mom-to-be I think it sounds festive and refreshing. Drink recipes are a dime a dozen, but it may be worth trying.

      1. I once catered shower where the hostess wanted me to use various baby foods as Tapas for the appetizers. East for me - toast slices of baguette, and spoon on toppings. The guests had a ball!

        1. Make it good, because there is only one thing a man likes less than a baby shower.

          You could do a taco bar. Use soft tortillas, they are easier to eat and less messy.

          You couold have chopped pollo asada cheese and vegis.

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            MMmmm the taco bar idea sounds good... mini crepe quiches, etc. are nice too. By the way, it's not just guys who despise baby showers--I cannot stand the things.

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              Depending on where Moonpennies lives, they can bring in a mini taqueria to make the tacos for their guests. In San Diego, it is a very popular thing to do, and a great deal of fun.