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Apr 26, 2009 08:07 AM

the grille in etobicoke

Anyone been? Seems like its been there for a while, and just went through renovations. A local hang out place too.

And they have a 2 can dine deal, for $29.99 - souvlaki dinners, with all the fixings AND dessert.

Breakfast menu looks extensive too. We're thinking of going there for that one day...

Any thoughts from those who know about them?

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  1. I've only had breakfasts there since the 70's. It's one of the last places I know where you can get a big breakfast 24 hours a day; eggs, choice of meat, mountain of home-fried potatoes, toast and jam, all served with a thermos jug of coffee for $3.99. The few comments I've heard about the rest of the menu have not been particularly favorable.

    The service is prompt and reasonably pleasant and the environment is embellished truck-stop. Other than the police officers, most customers dine with their hats on.

    1. I was there for brunch a couple of weeks ago, and I will not be going back. Nothing horrendously awful, but everything was simply meh. Subpar food, indifferent service, The Grille is the very definition of mediocrity that so many people seem to love. They can have it.

      1. I agree with redearth in that the food is simply okay. Not horrible, but not particularly good either. The coffee is horrible though. The service was okay, but they were pretty busy when I was there. The place can accumulate quite the line up on the weekend, which is why we decided to give it a go. Not worth the wait in my opinion.

        1. I can honestly say that there is nothing my friends and I love more than a trip to the grille....late at night or seriously late morning (afternoon) hungover, we love it. It caters to everyone so noone complains about going (they literally have everything)....and while I can't exactly say they are gourmet or even AMAZING eats....they hit the spot everytime.

          I wouldn't go expecting a niche restaurant with a special dish, go when you want some good old big breakfasts, sandwiches, etc...the portions are huge and the prices are definitely fair....but Ive never been for a "serious" dinner (by this I mean I've been for bfast and late night trips only...never a 6-8pm sit down)...I recommend the Eggs Benny or poutine (and please to all those eggs benny/poutine isnt the best of the best, they dont use real hollandaise or cheese curds, but its comfort food at its best whether hungover or just hungry :)!!)

          1. I had a chicken souvlaki dinner there once and it was so terrible I never returned. Can you believe they NUKED my salad? Obviously they heaped on a bunch of refrigerated rice and meat and salad and nuked the whole plate is what I seem to remember