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STL area lunch rec with river views?

Looking for a place to take my mom for lunch that has nice river views and outdoor seating?

I live in the city -- so I'm thinking up to 45 minutes to an hour away is the most I want to travel.

I'm open on the type of food. I'm thinking a more casual atmosphere. The main thing is a great outdoors view.

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  1. Indoor only, but Kemoll's moved to the top on the One Met building. Here is a photo I took from my lunch a couple of weeks ago. http://www.twitpic.com/3d24l
    It's on the 42 floor.

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      Oh, that place is great I went there for my bday one year-- but I'm thinking more jeans and flips flops, cocktails and sitting outside in the breeze.

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        I thought as much. But since they moved to the top floor and have a killer view, I had to throw it out there.

    2. Best bet is heading up to Alton IL...they have some interesting, casual spots with river/outdoor seating. Nothing comes to mind in the city.

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        I think I meant Grafton...Not Alton...but Alton is nice too...

      2. Look at the Great River Road that runs up the Illinois side of the Mississippi up toward Grafton. I stayed at the Tara Point B&B once, and it just took my breath away. We poked around Grafton for a morning, and I saw some restaurants that might be what you want.

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          I vote for Grafton: The Loading Dock. When you get to Grafton, turn left and go along Front Street, the road that parallels the river. Indoor/outdoor seating, and a fine view of the tree-covered banks of the Mississippi.

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            The loading dock has a nice view but i think its more of a bar atmosphere than quality restaurant food. See for yourself http://www.graftonloadingdock.com/Men...

        2. I would reccomend the Grafton Winery(www.thegraftonwinery.com). I was there a couple weeks ago. Its brand new and the view it amazing.

          1. The restaurant at the top of the Laclede Gas building isn't outdoors but has grand views of the riverfront. : Point of View Restaurant – Top of the Laclede Building, 30th Floor, 720 Olive St., St. Louis, MO 63101, (314) 421-5941

            Four Seasons has a restaurant on the second floor with partial view of the river AND outdoor seating.

            Millennium Hotel's Top of The Riverfront restaurant revolves and has views of the river.

            My Just Desserts Restaurant
            31 East Broadway
            Alton, Illinois 62002
            (618) 462-5881 Enjoy some of the best sandwiches, home made breads, and home made desserts anywhere while enjoying a view of the Mississippi River.

            Many of the casinos, which float on the river, have restaurants.

            1. View of river from Point of View restaurant

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                  Thanks everyone for helping out. I guess I should have been more specific -- I'm not so much into being able to see the river (I live pretty close to it as I live in the city) -- but more like a funky little local place, maybe out of town, that might have great burgers or sandwiches and you can sit outside and just watch the world go by. I didn't know if there was some place (Grafton, Augusta etc) that I might be missing. Definitely no high end dining.

                  I guess I picked the river so I could get the feel of getting out of the city just a little bit. All that brick and drought proof grass wears you down after a while. I was kind of thinking of places like when I use to live outside of Washington DC and you could drive a little bit into Virginia and find a little quirky outdoor place right on the Chesapeake.

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                    What you need is a drive up the Great River Road to Grafton. Have lunch at the Rotten Apple in Grafton or Wittmond's Hotel in Brussels, make a loop and take the ferries on the way back (Brussels and Golden Eagle, one of them is free and one costs, I always forget which is which, but take them both anyway, ferries are fun). I don't think Wittmond's has a website, but once in Brussels I doubt you can miss it. (I just follow the signs, Brussels is small), and the Rotten Apple has a website (www.rottenapplebrew.com). Stop at any farm stands you see on the road (especially in berry season), and just look at the pretty boats out on the river, (and all the pretty Harleys roaring past you on the River Road).
                    Makes me wish I had a convertible.