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Apr 26, 2009 06:45 AM

Le Creuset Dijon Or Citron Yellow?

Which of these two yellows to you prefer? I think the Dijon might go a little better with the other bright colors, but the Citron is a softer, prettier yellow and not as aggressive. Wish there was one in between the two ;-).

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  1. Citron. It's close to the yellow Staub I have that I love. Much more sunny and pretty.

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    1. re: beauxgoris

      I like the look of Citron a lot better - it is very striking. But since mine is a guy's kitchen we don't do yellows.

    2. Where to but the citron yellow Le Creuset set of cookware ???? It's been retired already at William sonoma!!!!!!

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      1. re: Moyo

        Try eBay. Other possibilities: W-S outlets, Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx.

          1. re: Jay F

            Hi Jay !! Bought the 10" grill pan & Au Gratin pan from outlet store today! Lookin for the 12" skillet & 9.5 qt Dutch oven !! eBay an option yes! Keep ideas coming !! Thanks

            1. re: Moyo

              I just found you a 9.5 oval at the Burlington, NC, outlet for $172. ($286 less 40%). Call 336-524-0087

              And the Grove City, PA, store has three pieces:

              5 qt. oval: 195.93 less 40%
              6.75 oval: 229.93 less 40%
              7.25 round: 232.93 less 40%

              Their number is 724-748-4455

        1. I like both but prefer the Citron. The Dijon is a little too much taxi cab yellow for me and a bit harsh. . The Citron is a softer, prettier shade of yellow. I also didn't like the way the Dijon looked with my Kiwi. I have a mix of colors and they all have to play nice with each other. My 5.5 qt. round is Citron.

          1. I am still searching for a Le Creuset Citron Yellow set of cookware !!
            There must be a few unsold sets left in this world! Keep your leads coming!! All are appreciated!!

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            1. re: Moyo

              Have you thought about buying it piece-by-piece? There are four different pieces available on eBay right now:

            2. I like both colors, but between the two, I probably prefer citron yellow.