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Apr 26, 2009 05:35 AM

Krug 95 pairings

So my daughter was born last Sunday, and for her one week, we're thinking of opening the bottle of Krug I intended to be drunk at the hospital (silly me... what the hell was I thinking?). I've had non-vintage, but never 95-- everything I read says it's still a very youthful Champagne. Is it as big and blustery as some of the other 95s I've had? I'm inclined to think not, given that it's Krug-- so are we talking focused and linear, minerals and citrus, etc?

I was thinking scallops right off the bat, since I can't really take the time to make anything super complicated--just some spring peas or something to go with. Or should I just drink it by itself? Thoughts?

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  1. It is *KRUG*. It is big.

    I would drink i by itself or with some sauteed wild mushrooms or charcuterie. Also, Champagne loves fat and salt, so you can take it from there...

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      Yeah-- i was thinking fried chicken or fried oysters also.

    2. i'm thinking butter-poached lobster, mushroom risotto?

      And congrats!