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Apr 26, 2009 03:52 AM

[London] Casual Recs for Dinner?

I've read some of the previous posts about London so I have no fear that I can get some good tips and recs here. I have some friends coming to visit in London for a couple of days and am looking for some good casual spots for dinner. I am not too worried about lunch (although I'll take any recs), however I believe most of the attire they are bringing consists of jeans and some nice but casual tops. Their goal was to explore London but they were not looking for anything fancy or super expensive (but I promise no tennis shoes!).

Any places to find a good dinner, but somewhere we can walk into and not be gawked at because of the casual attire? Probably looking for some place under 40 GBP per person, nothing too wild or "out there" as far as taste (we are dealing with bland American palates here). Italian, Mexican, Spanish, British, Indian would all be good. We will be staying near Waterloo Station, but will be traveling within the vast area of downtown London, so no problem hoping onto the tube or catching a cab.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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  1. They might enjoy the Turkish food at any of the Tas chain. The food is tasty and the price is right. No one looked very decked out the night I ate there. For lunch, I really like Princi in Soho. After a big lunch there you might not need much dinner. :-) The Italian food is delicious or you can just have salads - good desserts.

    1. If you're looking for good quality British food with a relaxed atmosphere then I would recomend Medcalf in Exmouth Market.
      I have never had a bad meal and it is a laid back place so relaxed attire won't be a problem.
      I would book before though as it is very popular.

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        near waterloo?

        send them to the anchor and hope.

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          Anchor and Hope or Moro up in Exmouth Market.