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Apr 26, 2009 01:58 AM

More specific requests...thanks!

Hi guys, sorry to be a pain....I've got some specific requests now, hope you can help me...sorry to post again, but I just made my mind on more specific questions...Considering we'll be staying in the financial distric, and that we'll probably be in the shopping areas most of the time, it'0s gonna be hard finding good places to have breakfast\lunch that aren't TOO far from those areas, I guess!

I still need:

1) Soul food: I had the Rack and Soul fried chicken last time, and really liked it, but maybe just cause it's been the only one i've I'm open to suggestions! Sylvia's? Melba's?

3)Breakfast...the usual Clinton will obviously do...but what else? I went to Sarabeth and Good Enough to eat..any other tip? Shopsins, maybe? Something not too hard to be reached from Chambers Street. Something with nice atmosphere and nice food...just like Clinton St, really!

4) Lunch spots mid-town? I went to Korea Town a lot last time...nothing REALLY excited me though..

5) Frozen Yogurt? It's a New York institution, isn't it?

6) Still looking for somewhere cool to celebrate my mum's birthday..

7) is Kefi worth going then?

I promise that should you guys need tips for London\Rome I'll be your...girl!


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  1. Was Madangsui in business the last time you went to Koreatown? If you like Korean barbecue, I think that's a pretty exciting place (caveat: It's been a few months since I've been there).

    My parents took me to Kefi for my birthday, and I was happy, but though I really like all the food they make, it's a very informal place, and it's very possible that you'd like someplace that feels fancier for your mum's birthday. On the other hand, if she likes informality...

    1. 4. Mid-town takes up a wide swath of territory, so you need to give us an idea of where you want to have breakfast and lunch in that area. Then, are you looking for something quick (breakfast = bagel and coffee/lunch = sandwiches) or full meals (breakfast = eggs, pancakes, etc./lunch = sit-down with several courses)? If you are looking for full lunches, you need to tell us what cuisines you prefer, and give us a per person budget for food only.

      5. I'm not sure where the froyo phenom came from, but we have certainly been overrun with them. I've tried a few, and though none of them really bowled me over, the one I liked best was Berryworld.

      6&7. I don't remember from your previous posts what kind of restaurant you are thinking of for you mom's birthday. So, it would be helpful if you would advise us again about about what you are looking for in terms of cuisine and price range. If you are considering Greek food, we haven't been to Kefi. Our current favorite is Kellari's Parea. The food's delicious, service is friendly and efficient, the large space has very attractive decor, and while it is a casual place, I think it's nice enough for a birthday meal. One caveat: The have live Greek music on Friday nights, and it is LOUD!

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        Hi guys, thanks again!
        So are your answers!

        4)This is a great question! I'm sorted fro mainly lunch, really. Buget is $20 each.

        5) Don't worry, I understand now...

        6&7) I wasn't thinking about going for Greek...but as everyone kept going on about Kefi I though it was worth trying! For my mum's birthday I was looking for somewhere nicer, yes!

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          Re: midtown lunch. Roberto Passon, on the corner of 9th Av. & 50th St., offers a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $13, Mon.-Fri. Very good Italian food and pleasant atmospherics.

          Re: the birthday dinner. What cuisine(s) would you and, more importantly, your mom prefer? And what is your per person budget for food only (drinks, tax & tip) additional?

        2. re: RGR

          Hi, RGR. Any chance you meant to say Berrywild? I only rarely bother with frozen yogurt, but there's a Berrywild near my girl's work (Lex and 63) and I would agree that it's the best of what I've tried. I was very pleasantly surprised.

            1. re: big o

              Oops! You're right, big o, I did mean Berrywild. Thanks for the correction. :-) The one I've tried is on 3rd Av. & 30th St.

          1. forget sylvia's

            try amy ruths

            1. Eh eh...thanks guys...

              Thing is, being Italian and living in London, Im looking for a totally different experience!
              Something like Katz or Clinton St's pancakes..something I know I won't find anywhere else that easily....if you know what I mean...and no I'm not talking about Swine flu!
              That's why Southern food interests me, it impossible to find it in Europe! Same as good Burgers and new england food...
              Anyway, still open to tips and suggestions!

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