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Apr 26, 2009 12:59 AM

Best Carrot Cake in the OC (Orange County)?

Hi! Besides making a homemade one myself, can anyone help me find out where is the best place to buy a delicious, moist, decadent, not necessarily healthy, carrot cake for an upcoming birthday celebration? Has anyone tried Whole Foods, C'est Si Bon, or...? Thanks for any help.

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  1. Oddly enough, I like the carrot cake at Vons! I had a slice from C'est Si Bon, and it was just ok. No chunks of carrots, raisins, or was just orang-ish looking cake with some cream cheese icing. I know Susie Cakes does carrot cake as well. Perhaps Claim Jumper too, heard it good there too?

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      thanks for the info! I haven't tried Vons. I've heard that frozen Trader Joe's version is good, but I was looking for something more gourmet. I have heard of Susie Cakes. Maybe I'll have to try that. Claim Jumper is really odd. The one at South Coast at first had a pretty decent carrot cake. Then the next times we went, it tasted like crap; no sugar, very flat. Either they changed the recipe temporarily or the baker forgot to add some ingredients in it. But recently we tried it again, and it was more similar to what we had before, although, still not as good as the first several times we've had it. I'm still on the lookout for any other suggestions though.

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        I actually had a FANTASTIC version at dinner at Jason's Downtown in Santa Ana on Friday night. There were shreds of carrot, raisins,and nuts throughout the cake - 3 layer. They actually do catering, so you can inquire about them making you a cake...

        1. re: groover808

          ooo...what good timing! That sounds really good. I'll have to try it and ask about that! Thanks for all your tips!

    2. The carrot cake at Susie Cakes in Newport/Costa Mesa is outstanding. The location is on 17th right where the name changes to Westcliff at Irvine Blvd.

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        Thanks everyone. I heard that Susie Cakes was really good. I'm going to get fat just sampling all of these before purchasing the real birthday cake...and then having to eat another slice for the celebration! YIKES! Time to get on with the exercise program so I can eat!

        1. re: yumy

          pina's bistro does a good one.

          oh, the way, at cafe r and d was awesome when i used to go there.

        2. re: mikester

          Second the Susie Cakes rec -- hands down the best carrot cake I've ever had!

          Here's a visual -

          1. re: DianaTakesABite

            Thanks Diana. I finally got a slice of Susie Cakes' famous carrot cake to try and was totally impressed by the multitude of bright large orange shreds of carrots and yes, nuts studded all over.It was much better than Claim Jumper's version and maybe if only it had more spices in it, it would be perfection. But good enough for me! Thanks!!!

        3. Stonefire with branches in Irvine and Fountain Valley is wonderful. It is baked fresh daily from a old family recipe.

          1. Stonefire Grill has some of the BEST carrot cake in the area. They used to just serve one size "slice" that would feed about 4 people, but now you can get a smaller 1/2 slice.

            I don't know if they make it in the restaurants or if they have a dedicated source, but the carrot cake is top notch.

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