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Apr 25, 2009 11:46 PM

Malaysian Grocery store in Vancouver?

I am new to vancouver. Can anyone tell me what is the closest Malaysian store to downtown Vancouver? I am specially looking for readymade sambal and roti canai.


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  1. I don't know of any. If you find one please let us know.

    You can get certain packaged sambal and frozen roti chanai at T&T, South China Seas Trading (Granville Island, and Victoria Dr), and El Sureno (Commercial Dr). You can get pandan leaves and other items at some grocers in Chinatown as well.

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      Thanks fmed. I checked out T&T near Tinseltown a while back, but could not find it. Is there a specific section I should look at? And I will post if I find any information

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        There is a South East Asian (Filipino, Indonesian, Singapore, Malaysian?) aisle where they sell vacuum packed spice pastes eg from Asian Home Gourmet, jarred sauces, fish sauces, etc.

        The roti chanai is hit or miss at T&T but I have been able to buy it on occasion. If they have it, it is usually in the freezer aisle next to the Asian ice creams. I have had more luck at South China Seas Trading (call them up - they are pretty good at getting product in on request). I hear there is a store in Chinatown you can get frozen roti chanai but I have yet to find this place.

        I suspect that Richmond has a few places with Malaysian products...Great One (on Park Rd) has a good selection of South East Asian stuff. It might take a bit of hunting down to find the store with everything you need.

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          Worth checking out: a store that specializes in Thai fresh veg, fruit, herbs etc as well as condiments and dried goods, that I think would have a good overlap with Malaysian. Long Asian name that I can't recall but it's on Gore in the block south of Keefer on the west side. Well worth a visit -- the owner is super nice and speaks excellent English, the other staff a bit less fluent but eager to help.

          No prepared foods here though so you'd have to look elsehere for roti canai.

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            I popped into Sunrise Market (Gore) in deepest, darkest Chinatown. They have a selection of foil packed spice pastes (some from Malaysia-based Hup Loong, and Brahim's...and SIngapore-based Sing Long, Asia Home Gourmet), belacan and jarred sambal. etc. The South East Asian section is on the left (eastern) side of the store.

            They have Roti Paratha (not Canai...though I think they were just out of stock.). So far, Sunrise has the largest selection of spice pastes I have seen in the area.

            PS I picked up a handful, actually. I love using this stuff - many are free of preservatives are quite good and fresh tasting...I do augment it with fresh aromatics (fresh galangal, lemongrass, kaffir leaves, etc.).

      2. I've seen it at Superstore. I've bought it at asian grocery stores like Cheong Lee on Rupert & 22nd (2nd location at Victoria Drive near 47th). I've seen it at a Fijian store on Victoria Drive near 36th.

        I buy sambal from Sweet Chili Cafe on Victoria Drive near 38th. It's an Indonesian restaurant. I've got some in the fridge right now! It's quite hot and tasty.

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          Good tips...and you reminded me that you can also get jarred Indonesian sambals at Pondok ( ).