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Apr 25, 2009 10:04 PM

good old fashioned Italian food in NYC?

I'm taking my 14 yr old son and his friend to (midtown) NYC this summer for a weekend. I grew up there but haven't been back in over 25 years. I want my son to eat REAL pizza (we live in California, nuf said) & good old Italian food I grew up on (nothing chi chi). I'm thinking Angelos of Mulberry, Ferrara cannoli, Joe's pizza, and good cantonese egg rolls in Chinatown. Like I said it's been a very long time! Any better recommondations? Also, best cheesecake? Help...I'm overwhelmed.

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  1. I hope you have a great time revisiting New York!

    The things you're asking about are Frequently Asked Questions here, so it's really helpful to you to search this board. I've done some searching for you, to get you started.

    For best cheesecake, look at the "Don't Leave NY Without Eating..." thread, starting here:

    For that matter, you'll probably want to look at the rest of that thread.

    "Pizza" search results for the Manhattan board:

    Some threads with "red sauce" Italian recommendations and discussion:

    "NYC Italian"

    "Red Sauce Italian not in Little Italy"

    "If you HAD to eat Italy in Little Italy or vicinity, where?"

    "`New York' Italian?"

    Have a look at those threads, and then if you have any questions, please ask.

    By the way, there's excellent Cantonese food in California, and I've had some good pizza in San Francisco. Where are you living?

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      If you are appointing Kathryn the official New York City Chowhound Hostess, then I'm appointing you the official New York City Chowhound Host! Seriously, you deserve a gold star for your answer here, and all the other help you provide to so many people (as does Kathryn, RGR and others)

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        Thanks. I can be moody at times, but do try to help when I can.

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        Thanks for all the info. New Yorkers are the best! Cantonese & good pizza in SF? Where?? I live in the East Bay.

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          Ask for specific recommendations on the relevant board. But I'll just say there's some good Cantonese in the East Bay, too.

      3. For pizza, since you are from out of town -- I would say that you should walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (great walk, great view) and go to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn on the other side. There's also a cute ice cream place down there on the water. Pizza there is very solid NY-style.

        If you're short on time, you could precede this with a walk through Chinatown for the egg rolls (or maybe dumplings, search the board for recommendations) and then walk down past City Hall/Courthouse/downtown to the bridge.

        For Italian recommendations you might need to clarify -- are you looking for "red sauce" Italian-American classics (veal parmesan, picatta, etc.)? If so, I think Piccolo Agnolo in the village might be a good choice...

        1. Pellegrinos in Little Italy is great old world southern italian. Be sure to check our the fried mozzarella squares!

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            I'm a big fan of Carmine's on Beekman in the South Seaport but it doesn't do pizza, I don't think. Lots of seafood, veal and spaghetti. I really like the atmosphere for lunch and your son would like that part of New York what with the water taxis and ferries and everything.