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Apr 25, 2009 08:18 PM

Only 2 Days in LA, need Dinner & Lunch Reccs.

Hello all,
Weare visiting friends in West Hollywood this upcoming weekend. I would like your reccs for two Not to mIss places for dinner and lunch. Would like to eat food that is unique to this area. Was thinking of trying Dimsum too. Just an idea. I love alfresco cafes for lunch and a plus would be some bakery reccs. Thanks so much....I better get going on the reses!


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  1. head to the Farmers' Market at Fairfax and 3rd for al fresco LA at its best - all walks of life and the coming together of talented chefs and farmers...

    the abbey is in the heart of WeHo -- unique to the area in the sense that it's for the majority a gay bar -- decent food and great al fresco dining - love their patio actually

    the Ivy is an LA staple - $$ but great grilled veggie salad, crab cakes, and apple tarte tatin

    grub - good place to eat outdoors and comforty food - if you're a top chef fan, that's Betty's restaurant

    both Urth Caffe and the French Quarter are great outdoors

    Comme Ca is more upscale but does a nice brunch

    go get tea or something nice at Dr. Tea's on Melrose and sit on the back patio - so zen and soothing

    Cecconi is new Italian place

    you might like baby blues bbq, recently opened in weho after the great success of the one in the valley

    in the sunset plaza, for outdoor dining, there's Cafe Med. there are also cravings and clafoutis are both on sunset in weho and tend to have stars-y people or at least those that think they are... there's also Il Sole - i think the have a patio as well, tho i'm blanking...

    as to "Not to Miss" places, what kind of cuisine are you interested in? there are lots of notable places in the area -- Mozza, XIV, Bazaar, Grace, Lucques, Jar, Sona....

    bakeries - sweet lady jane and susina are both close by; Buttercake Bakery is on Sunset; urth caffe also has some good stuff including flourless chocolate cake,

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      Just a slight correction, Emme, Baby Blues bbq's original location is in Venice on Lincoln & Sunset, not in the valley.

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        Yes, absolutely. I wrote Baby Blues BBQ, and in my head was thinking about Boneyard Bistro... they should open one of these in WeHo too :)

    2. from what city do you hail? ( this way we can recommend restaurants that are unlike those found in your home town.)

      1. I am going to have to rec the following for a WeHo locale:

        Animal is a MUST do if you are in LA. The chefs made Food & Wine's list of Best New Chefs 2009 in the country. Dinner.

        The Bazaar at SLS hotel. Not just good food (and IMO it IS very good food) but also a great experience. This restaurant is being written about and reviewed all over the world right now.

        I would second Urth for lunch, I love their soups and it is a lovely al fresco experience.

        Farmer's Market for your other lunch. I would hit Loteria Grill, and/or Ms. Marcel.

        I am not really into baked goods, so someone else will have to rec you there. As far as I know there is no great dim sum within a 30 minute drive of WeHo. However, if you are willing to go to Alhambra, I would try Elite or Sea Harbor.

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          Wow! I am so excited about all of your reccs. We are from Boston. So no crazy need for lobster and chowder :) I love all of your places. We are going to visit some of the typical "musts" for sites....sunset strip, roberston, chinease theatre...So if there ar non tourist places for lunch in these areas that would be great too. As for must try places for types of food, I like it all except for sushi (but do want to try dimsum. Thanks!

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            If you are going to be in Hollywood for Grauman's (can't think of it by any other name) Theater then lunch at either the Hungry Cat (about a mile away) or Jitlada for Thai food (about 2 miles away) would both be good choices. Depending on what day of the week you'll be in Hollywood you should check on the availability of lunch at whatever place you're thinking of going to. Don't trust the online or even website information to be right. Call them.

            The Hungry Cat
            1535 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

            5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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              I would definitely hit Jitlada for Thai, before hitting Hungry Cat. I had a bad experience at Hungry Cat recently personally, and have several friends who have had less than stellar experiences there in the last 6 months or so.

        2. This is a must for anyone looking for authentic, and unique mexican food.

          "Mariscos Chente" 4532 Centinela over in Mar Vista... if you go back to new york without a visit to this restaurant, you will miss some of the best food going right now... guaranted... AAA +++

          1. gotta disagree with urth cafe. always full of wannabe starlets and couples on internet dates. ick. i wouldn't miss mozza. food is always good, though i think the service at the bar is way better than at the tables. tender greens has just opened in weho and it is fantastic. the room is comfy and modern and attractive, the food is good and cheap and the scene is so west hollywood. for a very la experience i'd try m de chaya on melrose. no other city appreciates earthy food like we do in los angeles and the crowd is gorgeous and fun to talk to. try to get a seat at the communal table--it is always interesting. i love hungry cat, the drinks at comme ca are fantastic, as is the onion soup, and i love the pozole at lotteria grill in farmer's market. (if you go, don't miss the chocolate and almond covered frozen bananas at the refresher near the exit on the north side. possibly the best, most evil thing i've ever eaten. i also love milk on beverly. it is super cheap, the food is great, though i'd pass on their baked goods--not their strong suit. the soup and 1/2 salad is huge and a fantastic deal. very local crowd. also, for a very la experience, i'd try bld also on beverly. the food is good, the scene is always interesting. try to ignore the lame service. also, one of my fav very la places is la mill. it is in silverlake, so a bit of a hike, but definately got something going on you won't see in the east.

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              you gotta try korean bbq in LA. search this board and you will find tons of recs for korean bbq.