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Apr 25, 2009 07:19 PM

Looking for a Mothers Day rest. in Danbury CT

DOes anyone have any recommendations for restaurants theat are nice for a group of 13 in the Danbury area(1/2 pt for most). Want a good atmoshphere, not too expensive. Maybe American , italian or steak. There would be 3 choildren so just not too stuffy.

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  1. That's a tall order....

    Maggie McFly's has a branch on Federal Road (Exit 7 off Rte 84), near Costco. You'll need reservations. The food isn't much to write home about, but you'll get seating for that many and the kids will be happy, too.

    If you're open to standard chains, Outback and Bertucci's are both in Danbury.

    Sesame Seed in Danbury is interesting - "quirky" atmosphere, good food, not expensive - but not a dress-nice "Mother's Day" type of place unless your mom (like mine) is not into the blue-haired lady special.

    Of course, there's also Chuck's Steakhouse, right near the Danbury Mall.

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    1. Jim Barbarie's sounds like it would fit your needs. they have a website & several of the tripadvisor reviews talk about larger groups & how pleased they were.

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