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Apr 25, 2009 07:03 PM

Gourmet Standard is Tramontina?

I believe Tramontina bought the Gourmet Standard Stainless steel line. Cook’s Illustrated rated the Gourmet Standard up there with All-Clad. They also rated the Tramontina as a best value. Look at the Tramontina cookware set at Walmart - it says "Gourmet" cookware set on teh box. Plus it has aluminum up the side like Gourmet standard had. Interestingly, not all of Tramontina has aluminum up the sides. Possibly only the ones they obtained from Gourmet Standard. I'm not sure they are the same but I really think they are.

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  1. krbtv, "aluminum up the sides" relates to suitability for a specific purpose. It is not a mark of quality. For most kinds of cooking, you want effective heat transmission at the bottom of the pot, and if the sides do not transmit heat, it is no loss -- in fact, sides that INSULATE and keep the heat in the pot, are desirable. Else, the pot becomes a simple radiator, heating up the kitchen, but not contributing to cooking. Of course, there are specific kinds of cooking -- woks are a prime example -- where heat up the sides is desirable. For those, you want a sauteuse with sandwich construction all the way up the sides.

    1. The Tramontina TriPly cookware line is very hard to find in WalMart stores; you typically have to purchase online and do the ship to store thing (or pay for shipping). Tramontina makes several different product lines. The TriPly line is the one CI tested.

      I have a few pieces of the TriPly line and they are fantastic!

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        I agree, plus the price at Walmart is fantastic!! I have bought them online and just pick them up at the store.

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          The fully clad Tramontina line is called Triply CLAD. Look for the word 'clad'. The other lines marked Triply have a disc on the bottom, and I believe all have glass lids.

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            Interesting, I have Tramontina and love it. Great prices at Walmart online. By the way, did you realize this post was from 3 years ago?

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                Yes, it's an old thread, but that doesn't mean that the information isn't useful. Tramontina is one of the largest manufacturers of cookware and flatware in the world, and they make products for different markets at different levels of quality. Since the company is not well known in the U.S., there seems to be a lot of confusion about the various lines.

                The Triply Clad pieces have 80116 at the start of their part numbers. Tramontina has several factories in Brazil, several in China and one or two in the U.S. The Triply Clad pieces are made in both Brazil and China.

                I have a number of the Triply Clad Tramontina pieces and I think they're great. In addition to Wal-Mart, some restaurant supply houses carry the Triply Clad line as well as some of Tramontina's professional restaurant products, like chafing sets, commercial flatware and other material: