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Apr 25, 2009 06:27 PM

Innsbruck or Munich advice?

Any restaurant recommendations for Innsbruck or Munich? We will be traveling with kids, so we'd like to keep the meals reasonably brief and mid-range in price, and would also enjoy good street food or supermarket/food hall lunches. Good beer gardens are welcome. We have lots of access to all international cuisines in our home area, but limited local access to traditional Austro-Germanic cuisine, which we like, so we hope to focus on that in our time in Austria and Bavaria. (We can get all the Thai, Indian or other world cuisines right here at home.) We may also go to Zurich and Konstanz, and would appreciate the same kind of advice for those cities. Thanks!

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  1. There's tons on here about Munich already -- almost any German place will be reasonably priced and kid friendly. (As will biergartens. If the kids are young there are even playgrounds attached to most.) .

    In Innsbruck: I loved the pastries and coffee at Café Munding. It's historic and in the old part of town but on Saturday morning seemed to be filled with locals getting their caffeine on before the weekly shopping.

    Weisses Rossl nearby for dinner is a good option. Solid Austrian menu, prices good and kid friendly.

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      Thank you for this tip. There is lots of Munich info, but virutally nothing on Innsbruck. Do you mean "Weisses Rossl", the hotel and dining room in Kiebachgasse, near the Marktgraben and the Altstadt Garage? (I did not find a Weisses Grossl on Google.) Thanks again.

    2. I'm not sure if my reply is too late for your trip, but we (including a 5 year old child) went to Munich and Konstanz last May.

      In Munich, we enjoyed the Hirschgarten biergarten a couple of times, as it was very close to our hotel.

      In Konstanz, no matter where we ate, the food was great. Because of the close proximity to other countries, the food was also influenced by the other cultures. We ate at the following places:

      - Breakfasts at Aran coffee cafe (I loved the "potatoes on bread" dish, best chocolate croissants, the peach croissants were a close second);
      - Lunch at a brew pub in the old part of the town (sorry, I can't remember the name) where we ate flammkuchen, maultaschen (sp?) for the first time. A bunch of older male bikers (not the harley-davidson type, but the pedal types) at the next table tried to correct my pronunciation of maultaschen - it was quite funny.
      - Supper at Tolle Knolle restaurant, which makes everything with potatoes, including pizza dough. Very delicious food! Prices were a little higher than what we normally paid, but still in keeping with the prices of other nicer restaurants in the town. We also ate at a couple of Turkish places, one was a small hole-in-the wall cafetaria style - but the food was yummy.

      - Just a side note, if you go on a boat trip to Reichenau (vegetable island), near where the boats dock, there is a vendor selling bratwust on a bun for only 2 or 3 Euros. That was the best bratwurst of our entire trip - and our party of 6 kept going back to buy seconds.