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Apr 25, 2009 06:01 PM

walking distance Avery Fisher, $10-$15 entrees

yes, i have done a search. yes, i have done a search.

i am specifically asking if anyone can suggest any decent restaurants we can walk to from Lincoln Center -- walking west perhaps? -- with $10 to $15 entrees. (concert over at app. 7 PM).

i read about Sapphire, which has vegetarian dishes in that range -- not sure how big the dishes are.

also read about the tapas place, Cafe Ronda. we are a group of 4 or 5, so this could work -- but again, not sure how much food the dishes consist of.


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  1. any thoughts on AQ Kafe?

    1. Cafe Ronda is my rec...dishes vary in size but a lot of them are larger (more like raciones) size than tiny tapas...

      my fav items: lamb meatballs (5 small meatballs in tomato sauce), roasted cauliftower (a pretty large portion), shepherd salad (quite large), and sauteed spinach w/ pinenuts/raisins...the above four orders would be very hearty amt of food for two a group of 4 or 5 people, you could order those items plus maybe four or so other dishes and you'd have a nice little feast for the budget you mention...

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      1. btw, our concert is at 5 PM today, Sunday 4/26/09 -- any other input would be appreciated.

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          i'd second the ronda recommendation. sapphire is good, but when you round out the meal with breads and chutneys and such, it can get a little pricier. and the non-vegetarian dishes are, imo, kinda overpriced.