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Apr 25, 2009 05:09 PM

Seoul, Taveling is exotic & fun

When I travel my pals ooh and ah. Oh, it's so exciting, you get to see new places and eat good stuff. Well, for the most part it's true. However, sometimes it's just the oposite. After landing in Seoul last night, my business contact picked me up and took me to a steak house. An Australian steakhouse.....Outback! I flew for 15 hours, took my ambien and felt like a sardine for plastic food? Oh well, it should get better.

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  1. I ate at an Outback too when I was in Seoul. My business partners were not adventurous, and the restaurant smelled like Kimchee when you first walked in.
    But I did manage to great some great Korean food while there.

    1. That is the saddest story I have ever heard (and no I'm not being a smart ass)

      The first thing I do when I land is korea is go straight to a stall and get ddoekbokgi, soondae, odaeng, or some kind of twigim. yum yum

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        Don't forget the kimbap to complete the holy trinity of KimDdeokSoon. :)

      2. Oh that is so sad! Outback in Seoul? No no no! The first thing I do when I go visit my parents in Seoul is head to our neighborhood bathhouse/spa. With the time difference, it's usually morning when I land. I shower /get myself clean then get REALLY clean by having the professional lady scrub me (I'm always floored by how much dirt comes off even after I think I'm clean). Then go sit in the dry sauna and cool off with a soak in the cold bath. Repeat. Maybe throw in a wet sauna session. Finish by relaxing in the resting room under a nice warm lamp, watching TV/reading the paper and drinking some ice green tea. I walk out ot there 3-4 hours later with zero jet lag, unbelievably clean and energized for the rest of the day.

        Now for the food - usually my mum will have cooked a huge delicious lunch so I can head home to eat with my folks. Lucky me! Otherwise, I also like the neighborhood ddukboki restaurant - a tiny hole in the wall but the best I've tasted. In the afternoon, I like to head to Lotte dept store - downstairs in their food hall is a stall that sells the best wang mandoo (king dumplings). These are absolutely delicious - the best dumplings I have ever had. There is always a queue because each batch that comes out of the oven immediately sells out. They are well worth the wait though!

        Oh wow, now I've got a hankering for those wang mandoos... what's the price of flights to Korea these days...?

        1. similar story but it was a western sizzling. fortunately stayed longer so I was able to fixed the situation. Found a great SuJabee place in Insadong.