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Apr 25, 2009 04:51 PM

Best of Temecula?

I will be in Temecula for a couple days. Staying at the the Temecula Creek Inn. Where should i eat? Looking for the best of Temecula.

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    1. Two of the best places for breakfast in Cal are in Temecula.
      The Swing Inn is great for chicken fried steak (IMO, the best in Cal.), pancakes, hash browns that are golden brown outside and moist inside, and big thick sausage and eggs. The Swing has a great long and rounded counter that has a friendly ambiance. I have always had great service there and come to think of it, the best table service I have had in the last couple of years is a person who worked the cash register there for a couple of years and she recently started taking orders.

      The Original Pancake House has the best thin and chewy style pancakes (the 49er flap jacks) and makes many many others. See the link below for the menu and location. If you do not like pancakes this place could change you for good.

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        Dittos on swing inn, but for a good taco or torta at margarita and murrietta hot springs behind the chevron station and in the next city over is Tacos Tijuana everything there is good. al pastor is really good

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          I have never been there but I gotta try this place. How are the beans, and rice? Do you know of any good fish or shrimp tacos in the area?

          It is no problem to drive a few minutes to the hext town north or south for good food when in Temecula. It has been over a year but I have always stopped at Nessy's for a pretty good burger when I see my in-laws in Temecula. That tiny place has a cult following and is probably talked about by truckers as much as Chowhounds.

          Nessy's Burger
          4760 Highway 76 (From Temecula take the 15 fry south, exit at Hy 76, turn right and you are there -- this place is located almost on the 15.)
          Fallbrook, CA 92028