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Apr 25, 2009 04:49 PM

great italian?

hello have one night please looking for one great italian meal, $$$$ no object, been to mozza many times enjoyed it- thanks

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  1. Then it must be Valentino's.

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    1. re: Baron

      it's Valentino, not Valentino's.

      and yes, it's excellent...but many people will tell you that you also can't go wrong with Vincenti, Angelini Osteria, All' Angelo or La Terza. any preference in terms of location?

    2. Food-wise I find Mozza and Valentino to be on par. Environment and pricewise for the quality, I prefer Mozza. La Botte is another thought and I've heard nothing but good about Angelini. All Angelo was great food, but skimpy portions, when I went 1.5 years ago.

      1. Locanda Veneto on 3rd. Great ambiance. Angelini Osteria on Beverly. Madeo on Beverly.
        All really good.