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Apr 25, 2009 04:38 PM

Any idea where I can buy one of these

I've made the title generic so you can add your own.

What I am after is an odd looking teapot called an IngenuiTea. As in ...

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  1. Try Ten Ren's shops, Pacific Mall's cookware/houseware stores, Spadina?

    1. David's Tea has something similar to IngenuiTEA:

      go to "Brewt"

      Davids is at Queen and Bathurst

      1. Not the same brand, but they sell this type of thing at Tealish on Walnut Ave (near Trinity-Bellwoods). I think the one I've seen at Tealish is shaped sort of like a teapot without the spout but it produces tea using the same method as the IngenuiTea.

        1. seems to work exactly the same as the brewt carried at david's tea on queen, east of spadina:

          1. Oh oh.. try Teaopia. It's about the same price... at $20.

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