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House Pizzeria on Airport Blvd.

I just ate at the new pizza place on Airport Blvd. (near 52nd Street) called House Pizzeria. I can not believe how nice this place is -- screened in dining area (for those of us who'd rather be out than in), great beer and wine selection, and "gourmet" style pizza. This definitely rivals Salvation Pizza in terms of quality, but it is much less expensive. (And closer to my house, which is a bonus.)

I understand that their wood-fired pizza oven was imported from Italy -- it looks like they spared no expense with this place. Doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's lovely inside, and the food is very good.

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  1. We ate there yesterday. The potato and goat cheese pizza was delicious. The crust was perfectly cooked - crispy and slightly charred. We started with a spinach, shaved parmesan and crispy salami salad which was also delicious.

    The room was lovely, too, and I liked the jukebox and the local beers on tap - Full Moon Pale Rye, Fireman's 4, Live Oak Hefe, Live Oak Big Bark, and 512 Pale Ale. there was also a lambic and a New Belgium tap.

    We'll definitely be going back.

    1. We just got back from there for lunch. This place is the real deal. The wood-burning oven, jukebox full of gems (4 plays for $1) , nice selection of microbrews on tap, including Maine Root Beer on tap. We got a cheese pizza, and like the other poster mentioned, the crust was perfectly charred. The sauce is made from real tomatoes without sweeteners. The prices aren't bad either. Our 12" pizza was 8 bucks, and was enough for both of us.

      1. While I can not speak to the in-house dining experience, I can speak to the take-out experience and have to completely disagree with all of the previous replies.

        We ordered the Margarita and Pepperoni pizza for take-out last week and were very disappointed. The pizza was soggy and burnt. The margarita was close to in-edible, while the pepperoni on the pepperoni pizza was tasty but did not make-up for the greesy, soggy, burnt mess that composed the rest of the pizza.

        I have to admit that the pizza did remind me of the pizza I had in Italy, so in that case it does resemble Italian pizza. However, it reminded me more of the tourist-trapped pizza places that catered to ignorant tourists rather than the more authentic establishments.

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          We tried four different pizzas for takeout two weeks ago and were impressed with them all. I wonder if something didn't go wrong with your order.

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            We also had a pizza for takeout (Arugula and Garlic with mozzarella substituted for the fontina, which they were very nice about) last weekend. The pizza was very good, a bit heavy with the garlic but a nice crispy, charred crust and overall flavor.

            My impression with takeout is that they are still getting a rhythm together. We were told to come by in about 20 minutes; we picked our pizza up after about 25 minutes and it was clear when we got to the car and made a visual that she ought to have said 10 to 15 minutes. For a pizza of this type, that difference in my experience markedly changes the quality. Of course, there are plenty of ways for both parties to surmount this problem.

            As other posters have said, the spot and other offerings are great, and especially at this price point, we'll definitely be back.

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            Like which more authentic establishments? Which pizza place do you like?

          3. I tried the pizza tonight and it gets this Northeasterner's seal of approval. Nice charred and crispy crust with a good level of density in the crust ends, and even cheese coverage with cheese that kind of floats over the fresh tasting sauce. I don't know if Austin's pizza scene is coming into its own or if I am forgetting how awesome pizza back East really is, but I am suspecting it's the former. With Tony C's and House it's becoming a lot easier for me to be a happy pizza lover in Austin.

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              I ate at this place last night as well, and I officially vouch for its deliciousness. This is one of those places where you order at the counter, and they bring you your food. The inside is filled with nice, big, comfy looking booths, and we were told that the front counter was a recycled school gym floor. Songs on the Jukebox are 4 for $1. Cool. Started with the mixed greens/balsamic/walnut/strawberry/goat cheese salad, which was fresh and scrumptious (not a wilted piece of lettuce to be seen). This was served with a somewhat forgettable garlic roll, but whatever, the salad was $5.75 and was much larger than I expected. Could definitely be a meal if you ate the bread with it. The place has a nice selection of beers on tap. Ordered a Live Oak Big Bark and a Mothership Wit. We were also asked if we wanted drinking water, and when replied "yes," we were given a glass bottle containing chilled, hand-filled (presumably filtered) water and two little glasses. Classy touch. Sat on the screened in patio which has a long booth on one side, lime green rubbery ikea chairs on the other, and I believe painted concrete floors (?). My arugula and garlic pizza came and was EXCELLENT. Crispy and charred on the bottom, a bit chewy, and as brattpowered said, a nice bit of dense crust build-up on the ends. The sauce is chunky, and slightly sweet (as in it probably contained some sundrieds) and the pizza had lots of nicely cooked chopped garlic which I absolutely loved. Arugula was fresh and thrown on right before the pie was brought to the table. Topped with lots of crushed red peppers, the pizza was.so.good. For reference, my go-to place is Salvation Pizza for a sit-down place, and Niki's and Slices n' Ices for simple slices. Anyway, I can't believe there's actually an awesome pizza place in my neighborhood!

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                Me too - femmenikita, we had that salad based on your review, along with the fennel sausage, red pepper, and goat cheese. It was very good. And I had the mothership. My Philly wife gave it the northeasterner's seal of approval.

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                  Glad you guys liked the food; now let's all keep eating/beering there so they stay open! Although I dont think they will have any problems with that

            2. I have eaten there 2 times now.

              Once during the 'dress rehersal' and once this past weekend.

              First time we had the potato pizza and the pepperoni pizza
              Second time we had the margherita and arugula.

              All pizza's had consistently good crust, with good char and nice chewyness.
              The only one I would not order again is the pepperoni, probably due to the pepperoni not being that amazing. It wasn't a bad pizza, but just didn't work for me for some reason.

              The other three pizza's were fantastic. The inside is wonderful, the jukebox is cool and I am so glad they have decent damn beer. Pizza and a 512 ipa are wonderful.

              1. eaten here as well since its right across the highway. the pizza is pretty good (had the potato/rosemary and the sausage, both were good), they have a pretty good beer selection, and the place is nice. more of a place to take a date than a place to hang out, but overall i was impressed. a wee pricey but not too bad.

                1. as a nyker i cant wait to try it

                  1. Is it normal to tip at order-at-the-counter places like this and Mandola's? I'm never sure. We had 2 pizzas, one salad and 1 Coke here the other day, and it was $27, or $32 with tip. Sort of pricey, but not tipping would make it a little easier on the wallet. :)

                    The pizzas were pretty good. I think my partner liked it more than I did, but it certainly wasn't bad. Someone has put some effort into making this a nice place, and I appreciated that. The potato pizza was good (if you like rosemary!), but without any sauce it got to be pretty doughy/starchy. I can't imagine eating all 6 slices myself, but fortunately we also had an arugula pizza. That was good as well. Next time we'll try two different pizzas though.

                    I think I'd still rather eat at Homeslice, but that place is always so crowded that we never go anymore. We've started making pizza at home these days, which has worked out great. :) Cheap, and I get all the asparagus I want for toppings. :)

                    1. I went there a year ago and enjoyed it, but thought the crust needed work (very soggy in places).

                      Boy, have they improved. It's become the go-to place for my friend (who works in the area) and me to meet for lunch. We always get a half and half pizza (they're more than happy to do this!) and split it along with the salad. 1 pizza, 1 big salad, and 2 Mexican cokes runs us about $10 each (depending on the pizza toppings).

                      What I love: The spinach salad with shaved parmesan and the salami is wonderful. Simple, great, and big enough for 2 to share.
                      The rosemary potato pizza with goat cheese is addictive.
                      The subterranean pizza is good (rosemary potatoes, mushrooms, carmelized onions, and fontina), but the onions are a bit overpowering with their sweetness, and the potatoes get lost in that.
                      Margarita pizza is awesome and their tomato sauce tastes so simple and fresh.
                      The other day they had a special: The Noble. Dates, goat cheese, pork belly, and arugula. Holy god, this was amazing. My favorite appetizer to make for parties is dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon, so this immediately appealed to me. It was epic, and I wish they'd make it a more regular offering.

                      The music is ALWAYS good, and I can't think of a better way to spend the lunch hour than on a screened porch, sipping a Coke, chatting, fighting over the last piece of pizza, and hearing the Pixies.

                      Also, the crust is good by itself. And the bread that comes with the salad is so good, I'm going to start requesting more of it.

                      1. House Pizza is awesome. Something very impressive that they do, yet ask no credit for, is 100% recycling. They produce no trash for the landfill. No green WM dumpster to be found anywhere. How many restaurants go to that level? And we as diners enjoy the luxury of cloth napkins, glass and real silverware. That, my friends, is going the extra mile.

                        1. I was gonna post something after eating there a cpl of weeks ago and forgot.

                          I agree with these posts, it is the best pizza in Austin and it's a great value. I worry that it may not make it b/c I've been there a number of times and there aren't a lot of people at the tables. So, 'hounds make an effort and try this place out regularly so we don't lose an Austin gem.

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                            Last Friday's visit at 7 pm House Pizzeria was packed.

                            We sat at the bar and 4 people fed well off two pizzas. The Margherita was cooked perfectly but the sausage pie was burned [nonetheless we whaled on it].

                            Washed down with Real Ale we enjoyed a fine repast. Since every table was occupied we sat at the bar and had great service as well.

                            House is the best pizza in town and costs roughly half what Eastside Pies charges. If I ever win the lotto I would occasionally order delivery from Eastside but 30 dollar pizzas just aren't in the current budget.

                            Eastside Pies
                            1401 Rosewood Ave Ste B, Austin, TX 78702

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                              I live nearby, and any time I've been it's quite packed (but rarely more than a 20 minute wait to get a table). They're doing a ton of takeout too. The owner of House recently said it took them a little time to figure out how to adjust to making their crust given Austin's varying temperature and humidity levels. I'm won over, it's the best pizza in Austin now.

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                                Good to know. My couple of experiences there worried me. I used to live closer and all other things equal, wish I still did, so I could partake a bit more often.

                                1. re: uarent

                                  I echo 100% all the positive comments.
                                  Wish it wasn't such a trek.

                          2. I agree, House Pizzeria is Austin's best pizza. It is very similar to pizza I had in Rome...thin sourdough crust, charred in places and just chewy enough, topped with fresh ingredients and not too much cheese. I ordered the special which came dressed with local summer squash. It was amazing! Can't wait to go back.