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Apr 25, 2009 04:13 PM

Recommended - Bebe's BBQ

New BBQ joint in the heart of the Italian Market in Philly. This is the real deal. Delicious, locally sourced, generous portions, super cool staff and um, delicious. When I was there they had real southern Carolina style pulled pork, dry rubbed ribs, and rotisserie chicken, corn, collards, cornbread, mac and cheese, little sweet potato pies and complimentary sweet tea. 9th street rocks!

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  1. Besides all the great BBQ, these guys are also making biscuits (on Sunday mornings only). I'd heard about them for the last few weeks but finally got in this past Sunday morning. Had a regular biscuit with some slices of prosciutto. Then picked up one another to take home and reheat later. It had chopped up prosciutto actually in the biscuit with a hint of mustard too. Wow. So good. She also had made some black pepper cheddar biscuits too that sounded awesome.

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    1. re: bassgruvs82

      I just had their pulled pork, but it is vinegary, slightly-spicy goodness.

      1. re: bluehensfan

        Bebe's now delivers Wed - Sat, noon-9pm!

        1. re: reddirtgirl

          Any news on bringing back the brisket there?

          1. re: bluehensfan

            Brisket is back! From the Yelp site: The Brisket Is Back !

            We are now offering 100% Angus Beef Brisket, in small batches, Only on Saturdays, until further notice.

            1. re: reddirtgirl

              Yay...but I bet it will sell out fast. I wonder if you can "reserve" your brisket like the crust at Tacconnelli's pizza (and for that matter the banana pudding too) I'd jump on that wagon...

              1. re: bluehensfan

                Hint: If you place an order for pickup, they willl set your portions aside to ensure your order can be filled.

                I haven't had Tacconnelli's for years but no pizza will ever top theirs as far as I'm concerned. Oh, garlic memories....

                1. re: reddirtgirl

                  Thanks...I was thinking about letting Mark know ahead of time if we want some (and the pudding) so the guys at DiBruno's don't hog all the good stuff!

              2. re: reddirtgirl

                Why did they stop making brisket in the first place?

                1. re: Philly Ray

                  Mark told me a while ago it was simply due to space in the smoker.