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Favorite Food at Jazz Fest 2009.....so far

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For those of you who have already gone and enjoyed the food, what have been the highlights so far?

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  1. Headed straight for the old favorites... Crawfish Bread, Crawfish Beignets, Fried Green Tomatoes.

    Next up will be soft-shell crab po'boy, Cochon de Lait po'boy and Crawfish Monica.

    Did anyone notice that there isn't any seafood cornbread this year!?

    1. my favs:

      - cochon de lait. as flavorful as ever
      - shrimp bread. even better than the crawfish bread!
      - pheasant/quail/andouille gumbo. rich and delicious

      ...softshell crab "poboy" is the size of a junior poboy and up to $10 this year. had it one more time, but its now past the worth-it threshold for me. crawfish monica is touted by many but it seems sorta plain, i dont get it. do love the cf beignets tho.

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        It's good to hear you liked the p/q/a gumbo. I saw it, but went for my staples first. Gonna try it this weekend though.

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          That gumbo is always one of my favorites, I'll eat it at least 4 times.

      2. crawfish enchiladas packed great flavor. the curried chicken pattie is a must.

        for years I held off on the crawfish monica, as it was just okay. revisited it this year, and still think it's bland and overrated.

        stopped getting crawfish bread a few years back, since the crawfish were beginning to become non-existent in the bread. will have to check out the shrimp bread instead next weekend, along w/trout baquet and the p/q/a gumbo. also love everything Jamila's serves out there.

        1. I"m not from NO but here's what I like so far - fried green tomatoes - inbelievable; anything at Pattons - esp. the crawfish sack; the pheasant gumbo at Prejeans (dont get their seafood stuffed shrooms, disappointing) is amazing; rosemint tea, get the beignets near the blues tent, and the white chocolate bread pudding. Disappointments: crawfish monica, crawfish bread (too much cheese, too little crawfish), crawfish pie, gumbo someplace not prejeans. the couchon de lait was good, but split with a friend, very filling.

          1. i'll cast a vote for the cajun duck poboy. shredded/debris style in a gravy. not saying it's the best thing out there, but it was the best thing that i hadn't tried before.

            1. I had:
              -Crawfish Monica
              -Crawfish Beignets
              -Soft-Shell Crab Po-Boy
              -Rosemint Iced Tea
              -Snowball (spearmint)

              I'm a sucker for Crawfish Monica. Love the stuff. That said I think the Beignets were my favorite so far. The soft-shell crab was good, but overpriced for it's size. Rosemint Tea hit the spot. Looking forward to Cochon de Lait, pheasant/quail/andouille gumbo, fried-green tomatoes, sweet potato chips, crawfish or shrimp bread. Plus some other undecided offerings.

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                soft shells are limited in supply and thus the cost has gone up. that whole supply and demand thing sucks when you are the one demanding.

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                  From first 2 days at Fest.....Softshell Po Boy: very good (had 3)....Shrimp Tacos: very good...Fried Crawfish Po Boy: very good......Muffeletta: good for hot days...hand dipped ice cream: always good.....Iced Cafe Au Lait: saved my life the first 2 hot days!...Sweet Potato chips: very good. My friend raved about the Shrimp Cocktail

                  I sure do miss the BBQ Oyster Po Boys they used to have!!!

              2. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but Crawfish Monica has had its day and it is not today. The Poulet Fricasse is one of the most satisfying food items served at Jazz Fest. Tender, juicy odds and ends of dark and white meat marinated in spices and simply grilled. Try it.
                The Yat Ka Mein from Linda Green is also a nice change up. While the heat and humidity work against slurping a soup, the salty concoction does have two noticeable benefits. One it will snap open your palate. Two it will make you want to drink a lot of beer.

                1. the sweet potato turnover is outstanding

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                    About 2 weeks ago I had a post asking for must try foods at jazzfest , being a 1st-timer and I got lots of great suggestions (the post was removed, unk why) but I did go this past week-end on Sat and all the food I tried was great! Had the much-suggested cochon de lait po'boy...succulent pulled pork sandwich with very flavorful sauce ...also tried the mango freeze...and banana bread pudding. All were excellant and thanks to all who responded to my earlier post.

                  2. try the crawfish strudel

                    1. We had a few of the less mentioned items and really liked them:
                      cracklins-great porky snacks with beer
                      duck poboy-the unexpected cabbage really makes it, great flavor and texture
                      boudin sausage and boudin balls-not for everyone because they have more liver in them than I've had before, but I really liked them
                      Nachitoches meat pies-skip the crawfish and the broccoli/cheese and go straight for the meat pie, spicy and delicious

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                        Finally!!!! Someone else who likes the boudin balls! It was the first thing my husband and I ever ate at a jazzfest and is now a staple whenever we go. i love it and am alway surprised that more people don't mention it.

                        Next year......

                      2. p/q/a gumbo sweet potato pone seafood-mirliton casseole oyster Rockefeller bisque spinach/oyster salad and a whole lotta strawberry lemonade