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Apr 25, 2009 04:08 PM

Favorite Food at Jazz Fest far

For those of you who have already gone and enjoyed the food, what have been the highlights so far?

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  1. Headed straight for the old favorites... Crawfish Bread, Crawfish Beignets, Fried Green Tomatoes.

    Next up will be soft-shell crab po'boy, Cochon de Lait po'boy and Crawfish Monica.

    Did anyone notice that there isn't any seafood cornbread this year!?

    1. my favs:

      - cochon de lait. as flavorful as ever
      - shrimp bread. even better than the crawfish bread!
      - pheasant/quail/andouille gumbo. rich and delicious

      ...softshell crab "poboy" is the size of a junior poboy and up to $10 this year. had it one more time, but its now past the worth-it threshold for me. crawfish monica is touted by many but it seems sorta plain, i dont get it. do love the cf beignets tho.

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        It's good to hear you liked the p/q/a gumbo. I saw it, but went for my staples first. Gonna try it this weekend though.

        1. re: gastrotect

          That gumbo is always one of my favorites, I'll eat it at least 4 times.

      2. crawfish enchiladas packed great flavor. the curried chicken pattie is a must.

        for years I held off on the crawfish monica, as it was just okay. revisited it this year, and still think it's bland and overrated.

        stopped getting crawfish bread a few years back, since the crawfish were beginning to become non-existent in the bread. will have to check out the shrimp bread instead next weekend, along w/trout baquet and the p/q/a gumbo. also love everything Jamila's serves out there.

        1. I"m not from NO but here's what I like so far - fried green tomatoes - inbelievable; anything at Pattons - esp. the crawfish sack; the pheasant gumbo at Prejeans (dont get their seafood stuffed shrooms, disappointing) is amazing; rosemint tea, get the beignets near the blues tent, and the white chocolate bread pudding. Disappointments: crawfish monica, crawfish bread (too much cheese, too little crawfish), crawfish pie, gumbo someplace not prejeans. the couchon de lait was good, but split with a friend, very filling.

          1. i'll cast a vote for the cajun duck poboy. shredded/debris style in a gravy. not saying it's the best thing out there, but it was the best thing that i hadn't tried before.