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Apr 25, 2009 03:01 PM

Great food gift recs?

So a friend recently helped me land an amazing job and I really owe her big time. I was thinking of getting her a snazzy bottle of wine, but figure that's a bit trite.

Have any of you got any great food recs? It'd be great if it was LA-centric like the truffles from such and such a place, etc.


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  1. Does your friend have any strong likes or dislikes? Any other info that might help nail down a great gift for your well-deserving friend?

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    1. re: bulavinaka

      Not really--she's a pretty strong food lover.

    2. Why not take her to 4 or 5 amazing lunches on the weekend. One lunch Din Tai Fun, next lunchmaybe some great italaian, next maybe french, etc. etc.

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        I have only read about these following ideas, but I sure would consider these if I were in your position. Piggy-backing on Burger Boy's idea, the 5x5 Collaborative is something to consider.

        Not sure if it's too late for the first event or if the series filled up in general, but it's worth considering.

        Chef's Table at Inaka is very different and has a strong focus on seafood:

        Of course, there's always Urasawa. Here's a recent thread:

        As for an actual gifted handed from one to another, that's wide open. Japanese folks love gifting food for many occasions. One of the more common items to offer as a gift is wagashi, or Japanese confections. The most precious of these that I know of in the LA area is Minamoto Kitchoan. The variety is as amazing as they are unique. Most if not all of their items are flown in from Japan. They're located in the Mitsuwa Market Plaza in Torrance. The website doesn't indicate the Torrance location, but it's there.

        I think your first impulse of a nice bottle of wine is a great start or foundation for a lot of other things that can be paired with it. This reminded me of a thread from last year that is somewhat related.

        The thread pertains to an ultimate wedding present that is food-related. But a lot of great ideas were thrown around and debated, some of which may give you some inspiration.

      2. Nothing wrong with a snazzy bottle of ? Pair it with a bag of love nuts from and a gift tag (tied to the bottle neck) that invites your friend to a meal at one of your favorite restaurants.
        Or, create your own gift basket with that same bottle of snazzy drink. I did this once as a wedding shower gift. It's very personal and creative. I bought a nice pasta bowl and themed it all Italian,complete with a bottle of ? in the middle of the bowl, an Italian cookbook, unique pastas, sauces, really good bottle of olive oil and old age balsamic, cooking utensils, etc. Not at all generic or trite.

        1. Deluscious cookies and milk-- someone sent them to my mom. Yum. They're on highland, near melrose, I think.

          I have also mail ordered food from all over the country (for my husband's 40th birthday) and that was really fun. Pizza from chicago, whoopie pies from Maine, peanuts from virigina, graeters ice cream, etc.

          1. NOT LA centric.

            Little basket of artichokes & asparagus, small jar of caviar, bottle of good olive oil, some smoked fish, wedge oif Percorino Romano or Pamagiano Reggiano, a little basket of three different bags of great coffee beans, a basket of hand selected fruit, OR a great cheese & bread ... PLUS the bottle of wine.

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            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              Neither are your suggestions. And where's your snarky comment to the last post rec'ing some place from MI?

              1. re: Phurstluv

                That's what I meant - that my suggestions are not LA centric. Where is MI?

                1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                  MI is the abbreviation for Michigan, and I'm referring to the last post by jeffandnat, who is recommending using a mail order co. in Ann Arbor Michigan.

                  PS - thought you were specifying that roxhills' recs weren't and your recs were LA centric. Take back my comment.

                  1. re: Phurstluv

                    I never replied to jefandnat. Only replied to the OP and to your somewhat puzzling posts.