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Apr 25, 2009 01:45 PM

Help with menu at No.9Park

Based on Chowhound advice, we're having our daughter's graduation celebration here next Friday. Since we're going to be more than ten people, we have to go with a special prix fixe offering of 3 choices per course. I need help from anyone who's eaten here.
Appetizers: I need to choose from Fluke sashimi, mixed baby lettuce salad (which probably ought to be a fallback choice), poached asparagus with sea urchin, or ramp vichysoisse with house smoked trout. Anyone had any of these? Or is there some other appetizer I should beg them to put on my menu?
Entrees: Since I'll have lots of Jews, I'm going to skip the pork belly they're offering. Anyone had the native hake? Smoked Scottish Salmon? Colorado Lamb Saddle? Truthfully, none of the descriptions sound fabulous, but I'm praying it's better in the execution. Again, should I beg to have a different regular menu item included?
Desserts: Choices are Cherry Clafouti, Apple Creme Brulee, Grapefruit Tart or White Chocolate Cremeux. I get to pick 3 of the 4. Same question: any favorites I should try for?
Since it's hugely expensive, I hate to make a mistake. Someone please tell me that this place is as great as they say so I won't have anything to regret!!

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  1. I had the vichysoisse a few weeks ago and it simple, but really delicious with very clean flavors. Great choice - especially on a warm day.

    1. am i reading this correctly and

      you have to pre-select for everybody BEFORE you go? that sounds like a banquet, not dinner. if that's the case, i'd go someplace else.

      i also don't know how much they're charging you, but the menu options are all very inexpensive for the restaurant to purchase, and none of it sounds very inspired.