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Apr 25, 2009 01:45 PM

Thai Noodle- House ? Calgary

Hey Everyone!

I was in Chinatown the other day and I was walking by where Bliss & Co cupcakes were and in the building beside (or it could be the same) I saw a sign on a window stating a new restaurant doing "Thai" noodles. I'm quite excited about it because Thai noodles are a whole other thing compared to Vietnamese or Chinese. If anyone knows anything please post!!!


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  1. I saw that and have been waiting for someone to say they were open. So many of us go by on our way to Bliss that we'll surely notice. The sign says something about the only authentic Thai noodle place in Calgary. Very hopeful

    They had appliances in the space but not yet installed on the Easter weekend. I'm hoping that means they open soon.

    1. yeah..I saw that sign too when paying my homage to Bliss & Co.

      Very interested if the Thai Noodle place is any good. Review please.

      1. Thai Noodle House is open. My husband and I were in Chinatown this past week and notice that they had a sandwich board stating that they're open for business so we decided to go in and give it a try. Now, during our meal the owner came and told us that this was their second day of opening so they still had some things to work out.

        I've been to Thailand and was raised by a Thai parent so my expectations were a bit high. My husband ordered their Pork Noodle soup. Which in Thailand is really common, a lot of their noodle soups are pork based. You get to choose the type of noodle you want, so you can have a flat wide rice noodle, egg noodle, vermicelli, etc. But since beef is popular here in Alberta they have a lot more beef soup based options too.

        I ordered their Massaman Curry with Rice. Which is a Northern Thai curry, it's not very spicy, it does have a more sweet taste to it and it's prepared with beef.

        When I ordered, I notice that their menu was the "Pre-Opening" menu, so I'm sure they'll expand on that. The result of our food was it was- just alright...... There were some minor things that they have to work out which is understandable since it was their second day of opening. My husband's pork noodle was good, the soup based tastes very much like the ones I have had in Thailand... it was a distinct taste that is no other, but good. The problem was they they didn't have the wide rice noodle and substituted with the skinny rice noodles instead and they forgot some items that were listed in the menu that the noodle was suppose to have. I believe it came with more than just sliced pork, it was suppose to have meat balls as well... but didn't.. and spinach..... and didn' there was that, and my curry was suppose to have pineapples in it, but it didn't -just red and green peppers.
        The owner did come up and apologized for the noodle, overall their noodle prices are around $8 per bowl, their curry is around $8-9 (I think....). I believe they do have some stuff to work out.. and hopefully have more noodle options.. I noticed they have more beef noodles then pork or chicken soup based (kinda reminded me of Pho..) . They also have your typical fried noodles as well as rice options.

        I would suggest waiting a couple of weeks for them to get into the groove and be more prepared. The one thing I did notice was a few Thai people were going there to try it and it is run by someone who is Thai / Chinese which is a good sign of authenticity.

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          Thank you. I have high hopes for this place but I'll wait a bit before trying it.

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            Tried Thai Noodle House today at lunch time (noon) with 2 co-workers. I ordered the green curry $8, and my colleagues got the Pad Thai $8 and Special Beef Noodle soup $8.50. It took about 30 minutes for the dishes to come out which is way too long when going for lunch in Chinatown and the portion sizes on the pad thai and noodle soup were paltry. My green curry texture was off and the consistency of the sauce was thin, almost like it was made from a powder. Neither of my colleagues were satisfied with their dishes. I would not recommend Thai Noodle House, unless you like waiting for poorly prepared thai food. It would compare to Bambu noodle house at the casino which is saying very little.

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              has anyone else tried this place. we saw a lunch buffett sign for 10.95