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Apr 25, 2009 12:31 PM

edmonton gardening question (seedlings)

fellow chowhounds...any green thumbs out there?

I am planting my veggie patch for the 2nd year and I am looking organic seedlings (I can find organic seeds easy enough but not seedlings). i am going to check out the farmers market, but i thought maybe someone would have an idea.

hopefully this is food related enough that it will not get bumped off the board :)

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  1. I think one of the places at old strathcona is organic and they had lots of seedlings today.

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    1. re: Bryn

      for herbs sorry. Not veggies!

    2. I know Hole's has organic seedlings. I bet most of the greenhouses do as well. Apache seed on 149 Street may have them too.

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      1. re: Sonic Monkey

        I got my stuff at apache last year, they did not have any organic. I will check with hole's and the farmers market thanks!

        1. re: cleopatra999

          I'm very sure all the growers at strathcona market are organic. I have been buying from them for a few years, usually from...can't remember the name, but at the front in the 3rd row (backing on Helen's potato stand). And also from Helen. Both have good variety of hardy seedlings.

          1. re: Dan G

            are they around right now? I have next weekend off and would like to get my seedlings then. have you ever compared prices to some place like canadian tire?

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              As Bryn said, there are some herbs right now. Veggies, I think most years there are some show up one week before the long weeked, but given that it is early this year (victoria day is as early as it can be, I think) maybe not. On long weekend they are open both sat and sun, so maybe you can sneak in then. Me...I will be in Europe for much of May so will have to settle for what is available (veggies and flowers) on the 30th.

              As for comparing price to something like Canadian tire or a nursery - I think last year we noticed that flowering annuals were comparable, some might have been a bit more, some a bit less...didn't really pay attention on the vegetables. But even if it is a bit more I prefer to give my money to someone local. And the varieties of plants available is far superior - last year in my tiny garden I had one plant each 6 different tomato varieties, 4 different peppers, 4 lettuce varieties... and they are organic. Hard to find that at a factory grower.

      2. The absolute BEST place for organic herb seedlings is Inspired Market Garden near Carvel. They have a huge variety, better than you will find anywhere else. Last year I got stevia, perilla (shiso) and sorrel. They are located on Range Road 25, about 30 km west of Edmonton. I know that they have a good variety of heirloom tomato seedlings and peppers. They are also at the CityCentre Market on 104th on Saturdays and the greenhouse location opens May 2nd.

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        1. re: VivianTh

          I was actually aware of these guys. I have a friend that is 'apprenticing' with them. They don't have everything I am looking for unfortunately. but I may use them for part of my garden.